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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
24/Jun/2017 ECON (Economics) 1050 Microeconomics:Canada in the global environment + Cocktail Party Economics + study guide (9th edition)
Study guide is 8th edition but is still really helpful
24/Jun/2017 SOC (Sociology) Sociology: My compass for a new world (5th CDN edition)
In great condition
24/Jun/2017 ECON (Economics) 1100 Macroeconomics + Dinner Party Economics (Canadian edition)
Both in great condition
24/Jun/2017 MGMT (Management) 1000 Business Essentials + How Good People Make Tough Choices ( 8th Canadian edition)
Textbook is LOOSE LEAF, will come inside binder
24/Jun/2017 MCS (Marketing and Consumer Studies) 1000 Marketing (9th Canadian edition)
Hardly used
24/Jun/2017 MICR (Microbiology) 2420 Microbiology: An Evolving Science (3rd edition)
In perfect condition. No highlighting, bought textbook new and used for only 6 weeks Soft cover textbook, not the looseleaf edition.
23/Jun/2017 PHYS (Physics) 1070 Physics for the Biological Sciences (5th Edition edition)
A very useful textbook for all first year physics course at the University of Guelph! (1070,1080,1130) In very goof condition! Please let me know if you have any questions :)
23/Jun/2017 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry 10th Edition Textbook and Solution Manual (10th Edition edition)
A very useful textbook for the CHEM*1040 and CHEM*1050 course in perfect condition! I will be providing the full hardcover textbook and the solutions manual!
23/Jun/2017 PHYS (Physics) Physics: An Algebra Based Approach (First edition)
Excellent condition, no highlighting
23/Jun/2017 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry + Solution Manual (Tenth edition)
Great condition, no highlighting
23/Jun/2017 BIOL (Biology) 1090 Cell and Molecular Biology (7th edition)
Perfect condition, no highlighting or bent pages. Hard cover textbook. Used for BIOL*1090 and MCB*2050
23/Jun/2017 BIOL (Biology) 1090 Principles of Genetics (6th edition edition)
Book is in perfect condition, no pages have been bent or highlighted. Hardcover book. Used for BIOL*1090 and MGB*2040
23/Jun/2017 BIOL (Biology) 1090 Principles of Genetics + (midterm and final review + paper) (6th edition)
PDF book, midterms and finals
23/Jun/2017 PSYC (Psychology) 1000 An Introduction to Psychological Science pdf + midterm notes (Canadian edition edition)
PDF (very useful for quiz) and midterm notes + class notes
23/Jun/2017 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry, 10th ed (10th edition)
Almost brand new
23/Jun/2017 MATH (Mathematics) 2040 STAT 2040 Quizzes
23/Jun/2017 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 2100 Human Sexuality in a world of diversity pdf + notes + flash cards (5th Canadian edi edition)
Would recommend buying pdf as it is really helpful while doing the
22/Jun/2017 CHEM (Chemistry) 2700 Organic Chemistry 2700 notes+lab manual+ textbook pdf + solutions manual odf (11th edition edition)
Just textbook and solutions manual pdf is 15.
22/Jun/2017 CHEM (Chemistry) 2700 Organic Chemistry 11th + Study guide and Solution Manual PDF (11th edition edition)
pdf for both book and solutions manual.
22/Jun/2017 ENGL (English) 1030 They Say I say pdf (2nd edition edition)
PDF version
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