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22/May/2022 ACCT (Accounting) Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada
Selling textbooks for ACCT3350 - Taxation. It is the 2020-21 edition but it is virtually the same as the latest 42nd edition. In excellent condition and comes with the study guide. Please contact for…
20/May/2022 MICR (Microbiology) Microbiology: An Evolving Science
One hundred and twenty*(so bots don't message me) I do not ship. …
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) They Say I Say
Needed for English 1030
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) Cloud 9
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) Execution Poems
Great Condition, Needed for English 1080
20/May/2022 BIOL (Biology) BIOL 1090 Looseleaf Textbook
Intro to Molecular and Cellular Bio + Genetics. Can text a pic. It is loose-leaf textbook in great condition held together by a binder I will provide for you. This textbook can be used for BIOL 1090,…
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) What We All Long For
For English Assignment, good read
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) Man Descending
great condition
20/May/2022 ENGL (English) Baltimore Waltz
Needed for essay, great condition
20/May/2022 BIOL (Biology) Woodlot Biodiversity and Freshwater Mussels of Ontario AND Iclicker
All are in great condition and all were bought at full price. You need these for the BIOL1070 seminars which have marked quizzes and assignments. The biodiversity one is needed for the final…
20/May/2022 PSYC (Psychology) An Introduction to Psychological Science
Soft cover, used but good price. Honestly a great read and got a 98 in the course with it so I would do this over the pdf version
20/May/2022 FREN (French Studies) Grammaire Progressive du Francais and Alter Ego Books
All soft cover, Alter ego has a learning book and an activity book and a CD.
20/May/2022 BIOM (Biomedical Science) Human Physiology
Hard cover and in great condition. Cheap because I want to get rid of it. Got a 98 in this course with the 14th edition, prof said 14th and 15th are extremely similar.
20/May/2022 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry Textbook and Solutions Manual
Hardcover and in good condition, low price because I want to get rid of it
18/May/2022 SPAN (Spanish) Hola Amigos Textbook
Spanish textbook in great condition. No writing or markings. Bought the textbook and workbook new at the bookstore for $210, asking only $90 for just the textbook.
18/May/2022 FREN (French Studies) Cosmopolite - Methode de francais
French textbook and workbook. Bought used for $60, asking for $25. Most of the pencil writing is out except for one activity in pen in the workbook.
18/May/2022 HORT (Horticulture) Plants & People
Bought used from the bookstore for $180, asking for $60. A little bit of underlining and highlighter marks but other than that in good shape.
18/May/2022 ANTH (Anthropology) Ancestral Lines
Bought used from the book store for $40. No pencil or highlighter marks. Not opened once - $25.
15/May/2022 ENVS (Environmental Sciences) Elements of the Nature and Properties of Soil
Very lightly worn, comes as looseleaf in a binder
15/May/2022 BOT (Botany) Plant in Our World Economic Botany
Practically new, a small tear or two on some pages that aren't really noticeable
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