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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
18/Oct/2019 PHYS (Physics) 1080 Physics for Tomorrow's World (Revised Second E edition)
Revised Second Edition, soft cover, 9.9/10 shape. No highlighting!
18/Oct/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1080 Biological Concepts of Health (Custom Edition edition)
8/10 shape, soft cover. Front and back cover have wear and tear, all pages are excellent, highlighting in some chapters.
18/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry Student Solutions Manual (Tenth Edition edition)
Excellent condition, 9.9/10. Soft cover. No highlighting!
18/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry (Tenth Edition edition)
Excellent condition, looks brand new. Hard cover. No highlighting! …
18/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 Chem 1040 Organic Chemistry Notes
18/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry Student Solutions Manual (10th edition)
17/Oct/2019 MGMT (Management) 3320 financial management
17/Oct/2019 MUSC (Music) 2150 What's That Sound? 4th + COURSE NOTES (condensed) (4th edition)
Just used it got a 93 in the course. Also have amazing course notes (100+ pages) and practice questions avail for all online quizzes and exam! Condensed notes for music and pop culture.
16/Oct/2019 BIOC (Biochemistry) 2580 Lehninger principles of biochemistry (Seventh edition edition)
Biochemistry book 10/10 condition
14/Oct/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1090 Principles of Genetics (7th Edition edition)
Loose leaf, amazing condition, no highlighting, comes with a binder.
14/Oct/2019 MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology) 2050 Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments (7th Edition edition)
Hard cover, amazing condition, no highlighting.
14/Oct/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1080 Biological Concepts of Health (Custom Edition edition)
Great condition, hard cover, no highlighting.
11/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry (10th edition)
General Chemistry
11/Oct/2019 ENGG (Engineering) Statics&Dynamics (13th edition)
Engineering Mechanics
11/Oct/2019 ENVS (Environmental Sciences) 3020 Pesticides and the Environment
Used condition. Highlighted text. Price is negotiable.
11/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 2700 Organic Chemistry (10th edition)
Good condition with solutions guide. No highlighted text. Price is negotiable. Good for Organic Chem 2700 and 3750.
11/Oct/2019 BIOM (Biomedical Science) 3200 Mammalian Physiology BIOM3200
Custom textbook for BIOM3200 when it was Mammalian Physiology. $20 or best offer. Text is highlighted.
11/Oct/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 General Chemistry (9th edition)
Good condition. Open to offers.
10/Oct/2019 SOC (Sociology) 2700 Criminological Theories Vold's Theoretical Criminology (Custom Edition edition)
Custom edition textbook for SOC*2700 with Dr. Howells
10/Oct/2019 ECON (Economics) 1050 Cocktail Party Economics
Perfect Condition
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