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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
06/Oct/2019 ANTH (Anthropology) 1150 Essentials of Cultural Anthropology (2E edition)
Perfect condition
06/Oct/2019 ANTH (Anthropology) 1150 Made in Madagascar (Sapphires, Ecotourism, and the Global Bazaar)
Gently used
06/Oct/2019 PSYC (Psychology) 2310 PSYC2310 Materials
All textbook readings, textbook quizzes, lecture materials, and lecture quizzes. I got a 96 in this course with Safdar and the textbook readings are very valuable! She assigns 2 readings per week…
06/Oct/2019 BIOM (Biomedical Science) 3090 BIOM3090 Materials
All textbook readings, unit readings, midterm reviews, final exam pharmaceutical studying materials, and final exam study guides! Got a 95 in the course and the materials were great for studying with!…
06/Oct/2019 BIOM (Biomedical Science) 3200 BIOM3200 Materials
All textbook materials, courselink materials, and unit reviews for the course! Got a 95 in the course so the materials are great!
06/Oct/2019 HIST (History) 1250 Technology A World History
06/Oct/2019 HIST (History) 1250 Science A Four Thousand Year History
06/Oct/2019 ENGG (Engineering) 1500 Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineering (2nd Edition edition)
29/Sep/2019 PHYS (Physics) 1300 Physics: An Algebra Based Approach
Almost new mint condition hardcover textbook with no highlighting, writing or bent/folded pages. Required for PHYS*1300 and PHYS*1080
24/Sep/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1050 Campbell Biology (2nd Canadian Ed edition)
Very lightly used, basically new
24/Sep/2019 HIST (History) 2120 Nature Wars and Eating Animals
Used, but like new
23/Sep/2019 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 3180 Child Observation for Learning and Research
excellent condition!
21/Sep/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Social Anthropology: Canadian Perspectives on Culture and Society
Hard cover, mint condition
21/Sep/2019 PSYC (Psychology) 1000 An introduction to Psychological Sciences (Canadian Ed. edition)
Hard Cover, Great Condition
21/Sep/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making (6th Canadian ed. edition)
Hard Cover, mint condition
21/Sep/2019 MATH (Mathematics) 1080 Elements of Calculus (8th edition)
Mint condition, filled in loose leaf textbook with all solutions! Useful resource for studying!
21/Sep/2019 PHYS (Physics) 1080 Physics for the Biological Sciences (5th edition)
Mint condition textbook very useful for both PHYS*1080 and PHYS*1070.
20/Sep/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making (6th Canadian ed. edition)
Hard Cover, Mint Condition
18/Sep/2019 BIOL (Biology) 2400 Evolution: Making Sense of Life (2nd edition)
Hard cover with the answer key
17/Sep/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1070 Woodlot Biodiversity and Mussel Guide (2nd edition)
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