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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
15/Sep/2023 IDEV (International Development) A hope more powerful than the sea
15/Sep/2023 POLS (Political Science) The Globalization of World Politics (8th edition)
15/Sep/2023 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry
15/Sep/2023 POLS (Political Science) The Globalization of World Politics- An introduction to International Relations
Very lightly used, 1 week old
15/Sep/2023 PSYC (Psychology) Principals of Learning
Brand new, no signs of aging, few highlighter marks!
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) The History of Mary Prince
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Washington Black
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) One Hundred Years of Solitude
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Omeros
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Twilight Los Angeles, 1992
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Disappearing Moon Cafe
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Open Heart, Open Mind
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Beloved
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) The Coral Island
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Cosplay: The Fictional Mode of Existence
New this book is $43.00
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) The Island of Doctor Moreau
15/Sep/2023 HIST (History) Twentieth-Century World
New this book is $190
15/Sep/2023 HIST (History) The Oxford History of the Prison
15/Sep/2023 ENGL (English) Mansfield Park
15/Sep/2023 HIST (History) A Short History of the Middle Ages
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