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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
06/Jan/2020 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) An Invitation to Health
This is the paperback version of the FRHD 1100 textbook. I purchased it brand new from the bookstore and it is in pristine condition.
06/Jan/2020 NUTR (Nutrition) Nutrition: Science and Applications
This is the hardback textbook for NUTR 1010. I purchased this textbook from the co-op bookstore for $115 and it is in mint condition and comes with practice exam questions.
06/Jan/2020 BIOL (Biology) Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology 8th Edition & Principles of Genetics 7th Edition
Loose leaf copies of both textbooks, binders included. In excellent condition. Required for BIOL 1090, MBG 2040 and MCB 2050, and recommended for MCB 4010.
05/Jan/2020 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry. General Chemistry Student Solutions Manual
These two books were purchased brand new from the bookstore and are slightly worn but overall are in mint condition. I purchased these as a package for over $120.
05/Jan/2020 SOC (Sociology) University of Guelph Custom Edition: Exploring Criminal Justice in Canada, Crime in Canadian Context, and Teenage Troubles
This textbook is paperback and in mint condition. I purchased this brand new from the book store for over $80.
05/Jan/2020 HTM (Hospitality and Tourism Managment) Principles of Food, Beverage, and Labour Cost Controls
This book is in mint condition. I purchased it from the co-op bookstore for $130.
05/Jan/2020 MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology) Cell and Molecular Biology
Hardcover, excellent condition
05/Jan/2020 MBG (Molecular Biology & Genetics) Genetic Analysis: An Integrated Approach
Looseleaf in a binder, great condition
05/Jan/2020 MBG (Molecular Biology & Genetics) Principles of Genetics
Hardcover, excellent condition
05/Jan/2020 BIOL (Biology) Campbell Biology
Hardcover, great condition
04/Jan/2020 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach
Great condition, Hard Cover
04/Jan/2020 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Health Economics
Great condition
01/Jan/2020 BIOL (Biology) (BIO 1090 COMPLETE Set) - Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology 8th Edition & Principles of Genetics 7th Edition
Both textbooks needed for BIOL 1090, both mint condition note free, bought brand new. Comes in two university of guelph branded binders. …
01/Jan/2020 PHYS (Physics) Physics: An algebra-based approach (Hardcover)
Mint condition, no notes in the book, bought it new. …
01/Jan/2020 CHEM (Chemistry) (Chem 1040 AND 1050 COMPLETE Set) Introductory, General, Organic Chemistry
!FULL SET! Mint Condition, no notes in books …
13/Dec/2019 BIOL (Biology) Biology: How Life Works, Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Molecular Cell Biology
Biology: How Life Works, second edition, Morris, Hartl et al. …
12/Dec/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Campbell Biology
Loose-leaf, superb condition, no highlights, comes with the binders
12/Dec/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
Great condition, no highlights
12/Dec/2019 ABORIC (Aboriculture) Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Hard cover, great condition
11/Dec/2019 HIST (History) The Cambridge history of warfare
Brand new
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