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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
08/Dec/2023 ANTH (Anthropology) Through the Lens of Cultural Anthropology
Basically brand new, barely used.
08/Dec/2023 SOC (Sociology) Elements of Sociology
Basically new, very good condition.
07/Dec/2023 BOT (Botany) Field Manual of Michigan Flora
For BOT 3710. Text or email for inquiry.
07/Dec/2023 BIOL (Biology) Ecology: Concepts and Applications
For BIOL 2060. Text or email for inquiry.
07/Dec/2023 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry: 10th Edition
For first year chem courses. Text or email for inquiry.
07/Dec/2023 PHYS (Physics) Physics: An Algebra-Based Approach
For the first year physics courses. Text or email for inquiry.
06/Dec/2023 SOAN (Sociology and Anthropology) Statistics: A Tool for Social Research
Used for a semester. Good condition.
06/Dec/2023 SOC (Sociology) Crime in Canadian Context
Used for a semester, but looks brand new.
06/Dec/2023 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) An Invitation to Health
Used for a semester, but in brand new condition.
06/Dec/2023 PSYC (Psychology) PSYC 1000: An Introduction to Psychological Science - Third Canadian Edition
PSYC 1000 Physical Copy
06/Dec/2023 PSYC (Psychology) Social Psychology
04/Dec/2023 SOAN (Sociology and Anthropology) Data Analyses for Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Gently used but in perfect condition. No highlighting or writing
04/Dec/2023 MUSC (Music) What’s That Sound
Gently used textbook. No writing or highlighting inside
04/Dec/2023 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry
Textbook and full solutions required for CHEM*1040, bought in good condition for 100$, selling for $80.
04/Dec/2023 ANTH (Anthropology) Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Textbook needed for readings and a research paper in biological anthropology (ANTH*1120). Used but in good condition, bought for 100$, selling for 75$
04/Dec/2023 CHEM (Chemistry) General Chemistry
Hardcover, bought for $120. Perfect condition.
03/Dec/2023 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) An Invitation to Health.
Needed for FRHD 1100 (in great condition)
03/Dec/2023 ECON (Economics) Pearson Macroeconomics (PME) & Dinner Party Economics
Macroeconomics and Dinner Party Economics are for sale together. Both physical copies of the textbook are in great condition. They were bought them from the Co-op bookstore
03/Dec/2023 ANTH (Anthropology) Stories of Culture and Place
03/Dec/2023 ANTH (Anthropology) Cool Anthropology
Co-op Bookstore - Johnston Hall