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Post Date Program Course Code Name Price
02/Jul/2019 PSYC (Psychology) 2000 Neuroscience (6th edition)
02/Jul/2019 PSYC (Psychology) 2000 Neuroscience (6th edition)
Needed for neuro2000.
02/Jul/2019 FRHD (Family Relations and Human Development) 2100 Human Sexuality (5th edition)
02/Jul/2019 BIOM (Biomedical Science) 3200 Human Physiology (14th edition)
02/Jul/2019 BIOM (Biomedical Science) 3200 Human Physiology (15th edition)
Perfect condition textbook
02/Jul/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 2480 Quantitative Chemical Analysis (9th edition)
Used for chem 2480/2400 and tox 3300
02/Jul/2019 BIOC (Biochemistry) 3560 Principles of Biochemistry (6thth edition)
02/Jul/2019 BIOC (Biochemistry) 2580 Principles of Biochemistry (6th edition)
01/Jul/2019 PSYC (Psychology) 1000 An Introduction to Psychological Science (First edition)
01/Jul/2019 PHYS (Physics) 1080 Physics for the Biological Science (Fifth edition)
Textbook used for both PHYS1080 and PHYS1070
01/Jul/2019 BIOL (Biology) 1070 Woodlot Biodiversity 2nd edition + Photo Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of Ontario
01/Jul/2019 CHEM (Chemistry) 1040 CHEM 1040 and CHEM 1050 (Tenth Edition edition)
Textbook and solution manual. Both books were used for the courses CHEM*1040 and CHEM*1050
01/Jul/2019 ECON (Economics) 1050 Mircoeconomics (10th edition)
comes with cocktail party economics book
01/Jul/2019 ECON (Economics) 1100 Macroeconomics (Canadian Edition edition)
comes with dinner party economics book
01/Jul/2019 HROB (Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour) 2090 Organizational Behaviour (10th edition)
01/Jul/2019 SOC (Sociology) 1500 Crime in Canadian Context (4th edition)
01/Jul/2019 ACCT (Accounting) 1220 Financial Accounting (7th edition)
Looseleaf, with binder
01/Jul/2019 MCS (Marketing and Consumer Studies) 1000 Introduction to Marketing (6th edition)
Looseleaf, with binder
30/Jun/2019 MUSC (Music) 2150 What's that Sound? (5th edition)
Almost perfect condition looseleaf textbook for MUSC*2150, no highlighting or missing pages. Comes with a binder. Will also throw in extra course material I have!
29/Jun/2019 ECON (Economics) 2310 Intermediate Microeconomics (2nd Edition edition)
ECON 2310 - Intermediate Microeconomics Textbook.
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