$1500 Raised for Stephen Lewis Foundation

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Written by Janet Errygers

Each October, students from the University of Guelph raise funds to donate to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This semester, Adam Sneyd's Politics 2080 class competed to collect money by auctioning off potential lecture topics. It was a close race, with two finalists emerging: Harry Potter and Sex, Lies and Development. With a grand total of $1,438.74 being raised, the winner was finally chosen. $336 was collected for Sex, Lies and Development, and on October 27th, the lecture took place.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation exists to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. It provides care and support to people living with HIV and Aids, and since 2003, has funded over 700 initiatives in 15 African countries. Last year, Professor Sneyd's class raised $1,000 to donate. Examples of the support that the Stephen Lewis Foundation provides include: community food banks, water harvesting tanks and vocational farm schools. They aim to increase families' ability to feed themselves now and in the future.

The worst drought in 60 years hit East Africa this summer, leaving 11.5 million people at a heightened risk of malnutrition and death. Those afflicted with HIV or AIDS are at an increased risk, as well as children and the elderly. The already low agricultural productivity is increasingly compromised by the virus, because women (who are the primary food producers and cultivators) are either too sick to work, or have been forced to stay in their homes and care for the sick.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation funds several organizations that provide aid, including: Action for Bright Future, the Kenya Network of Women with AIDS, and Ripples International. These organizations work in the areas of children with AIDS, grandmothers, home-based care and sexual violence.

If you are interested in donating or getting involved, please visit:

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