2010 CSA General Elections: The results are in!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Written by Greg Beneteau

University of Guelph undergrads turned out in fewer numbers then last year to choose their Executive Commissioners for the Central Student Association.

In seperate referendum questions, students also overwhelmingly endorsed removing bottled water from the student-run Bullring restaurant, and supported funding for the Global Vets student group.

Results of the transit referendum, which will determine whether students get to keep their bus passes for a higher fee, are being kept under wraps until graduate students cast votes in this weeks' GSA Elections.

Results in the CSA  General Elections were released late Monday morning [see below]. The results are based on prelimary counts and are considered unofficial until ratified by the CSA Board of Directors. Any appeals must also be dealt with before the results can be considered, noted Communication and Corporate Affairs Commissioner Gavin Armstrong.

At least one appeal has been submitted, Armstrong confirmed. He declined to state the nature of the appeal, citing confidentiality.

"There are always appeals to deal with in this kind of process," he said.

According to Chief Electoral Office Caitlin Vito, just over 24 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in the CSA General Elections, down from 30 per cent the year before but more than the required quorum of 20 per cent.

Abstentions were also higher. An average of one in five voters chose to abstain, up from 15 per cent the year before, Vito reported.


Executive Election Results

Human Resources & Operations                                              

Nick Stepanov                              1767       40.82%

Alexander Moore                            1482       34.23%

None of the Above                         196         4.53%

Abstain                                                 884         20.42%

Total                                                      4329      


Communications & Corporate Affairs                                     

Demetria Jackson                       1953       45.10%

Timmie Fortier                                  1253       28.94%

None of the Above                            222         5.13%

Abstain                                                 902         20.83%

Total                                                      4330      


External Affairs                                

Denise Martins                           1786       41.31%

Curtis Batuszkin                              1406       32.52%

None of the Above                         212         4.90%

Abstain                                                 919         21.26%

Total                                                      4323      


Local Affairs                                       

Anastasia Zavarella                   1664       38.48%

Shaun Karey-McKenna                  1490       34.46%

None of the Above                            241         5.57%

Abstain                                                 929         21.48%

Total                                                      4324      


Academic & University Affairs                                   

Kevin Bowman                            1252       28.82%

Shireen Noble                                   1146       26.38%

Roisin Lyder                                        865         19.91%

None of the Above                         202         4.65%

Abstain                                                 879         20.23%

Total                                                      4344      


Referendum Results

Global Vets Referendum

Question: Given the initiatives and goals that members of Global Vets are engaging in and striving towards, both locally and globally, would you support a student fee of $0.27 per semester to support this program?

Yes                         2705       61.51%

No                          1193       27.13%

Abstain                 500         11.37%

Total                      4398      


TAP IN! Referendum                                                     

Question: In keeping with the Bullring’s commitment to environmental sustainability, do you support the discontinuation of bottled water sales at the Bullring, while continuing to provide drinking water through the existing free filtered water service?                                                                              

Yes                         3772       85.67%

No                          422         9.58%

Abstain                 209         4.75%

Total                      4403      

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