2011 CSA Elections: The results are in!

Monday, March 21, 2011

  • L to R: Lauren Ramsay, Joshua Ofori-Darko, Jessica Carter, Demetria Jackson, Derek Alton

    L to R: Lauren Ramsay, Joshua Ofori-Darko, Jessica Carter, Demetria Jackson, Derek Alton

Written by Greg Beneteau

Five days. Five executives.

Preliminary results for the 2011 Central Student Association Elections were released early Monday following a week of online voting.

Just over 4,000 undegraduate students at the University of Guelph, or 21.5 per cent of eligible voters, cast ballots to elect the five commissioners to serve on the CSA Executive Committee, according to results released by Chief Elections Officer Jakki Doyle.

Voters re-elected Demetria Jackson, the current CSA Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner, for a second term on the executive as External Affairs Commissioner.

Jackson beat out the next closest candidate, Martin Straathof, by nearly 500 votes.

Jessica Carter edged out Drew Garvie by a razor-thin margin to win the race for Academic and University Affairs Commissioner.

The difference between them was nine votes, leaving open the possibility of an appeal or recount.

Derek Alton won the race for Local Affairs Commissioner, besting David Nguyen by just over 400 votes.

Voters also acclaimed by wide margins the candidates for Communications and Corporate Affairs, Lauren Ramsay, and Human Resources and Operations, Joshua Ofori-Darko, who were both running uncontested.

Two groups fielding referendum questions in this year's election were rewarded for their efforts, convincing students to support proposed increases in student levies by wide margins.

Students voted to give the U of G chapter of World University Services of Canada an extra 71 cents per semester towards a program that sponsors refugees from abroad to study in Guelph.

Voters also approved a $58 per year levy on incoming students to offset certain costs associated with Orientation Week programming.

Undergraduates in the College of Applied and Social Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences and the College of Arts also elected their representatives on the CSA Board.

Quorum for candidate elections is 10 per cent of eligible voters and 20 per cent for referenda.

In an email, Doyle noted that "significantly fewer people" voted this year when compared to the 2010 CSA elections. Approximately 26 per cent of eligible undegradates cast ballots last year.


CSA Election Breakdown:

Ballots sent: 18,852

Completed ballots*:  4,053 (21.5 %)


CSA Board of Directors: Executive Committee

Academic & University Affairs Commissioner

Benjamin Bond                               772

Jessica Carter                           1203

Drew Garvie                                   1194

Ali Zaki                                              458

None of the Candidates Listed 140

Decline                                              229


Communications & Corporate Affairs Commissioner (Lauren Ramsay)

Yes                                                3083

No                                                      383

Decline                                             531


External Affairs Commissioner

Demetria Jackson                 1817

Shaun Karey-McKenna               323

Martin Straathof                          1354

None of the Candidates Listed 185

Decline                                               311


Local Affairs Commissioner

Derek Alton                                1833

David Nguyen                                1436

None of the Candidates Listed 257

Decline                                               456


Human Resources & Operations Commissioner (Joshua Ofori-Darko)

Yes                                                  3195

No                                                       234

Decline                                             527



CSA Board of Directors: At-large representatives

College of Biological Science At-Large Representative (select 2)

Total                                               1056

Jason Gallina                           620

Kinnison Ma                             533

Jihee Park                                       352

None of the Candidates Listed  62

Decline                                             129

Spoiled                                                 5

College of Arts At-Large Representative (select 2)

Total                                                 658 

Jodie Lalonde                          459

Sylvie Vigneux                       453

None of the Candidates Listed 49

Decline                                               89

Spoiled                                                  1


College of Social and Applied Human Sciences At-Large Representative (select 2)

Total                                               1058

Amy Bronson                          593

Peter Miller                               455

Christina Thompson                  377

None of the Candidates Listed 77

Decline                                             151

Spoiled                                                  1


Referendum questions

WUSC Referendum

Question: "Do you support an increase of the WUSC student fee from $1.15 to $1.86 per semester for both part-time and full-time students indexed to the cost of living? "

Yes                                               2431

No                                                  1339

Decline                                           253


IHC Referendum

Question: "Do you agree to an Orientation Week fee of $58 that is charged only to new, semester-one students and increases annually at the rate of inflation, for the purposes of eliminating most O-Week user fees, providing the cost of six meals per student, offering a concert, improving the quality of the week and reducing corporate sponsorship?"

Yes                                            2342

No                                                1412

Decline                                        265

*Note – for all questions, the difference between sum of respondents and 4,053 is the number of people who selected nothing for a particular question.

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