24/7 Campus may be "harming the well-being and health of students"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

  • Repeat after me: a coffee is not a nap, a coffee is not a nap

    Repeat after me: a coffee is not a nap, a coffee is not a nap

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A story says that "each new year seems to be marked by a flourish of excited press releases and announcements regarding expanded hours of operation at libraries and technology centers at colleges and universities across the nation.
While many administrators boast that such developments are part of their efforts to be responsive to student desires, many health professionals, especially those focused on sleep research, say that the extra hours may actually be harming the well-being and health of students. At a recent meeting of the American College Health Association several professionals were abuzz about sleep issues in the college-age population that they feel aren’t getting enough attention, but many see the problems only growing larger.
“We are living in a commercial world that goes 24/7,” says Michael McNeil, coordinator of the Health Empowerment Office at Temple University. “My colleagues in higher education may not like this, but we’re fostering procrastination and cramming — time management skills should be put first.”
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