5th Projekt is releasing their newest album 'V' and taking the stage in Guelph this week

Sunday, August 7, 2011

  • 5th Projekt is releasing 'V' this Tuesday and visiting Guelph this Thursday

    5th Projekt is releasing 'V' this Tuesday and visiting Guelph this Thursday

Written by Stephanie Rennie

5th Projekt is comprised of four incredibly gifted artists that have combined their talents and passion to form a band with not only a strong sound, but a strong message.

Guelph resident Tara Rice is the vocal wonder behind their music as lead vocalist and guitarist. Right by her side is guitarist Skodt McNalty. Jean-François Kardinal is on bass and the band is kept in beat by drummer Jeremy Oram. The energy and skill of these four dedicated musicians create psychedelic and thought provoking music for all to love.

On August 9th 2011, 5th Projekt will release their latest album titled V. In an interview with The Cannon, Tara Rice described the theme of this new album as “dealing with revolutions throughout history, in the present, and in the future.”

 It is not surprising that with such deep themes of revolution comes a strong influence from the sixties and seventies. Rice comments on V’s overall message in addressing issues of revolutions in all forms, including “spiritual and mental revolutions, not just physical.” Rice suggests that current revolutionary actions stem from seemingly simple acts of voting and “making sure we are fighting for it.”

With inspiration spurring from two decades known for revolutionary ideals, it is no wonder that 5th Projekt has found a deep, and somewhat coincidental, relationship with John Lennon, the spearhead of revolutionary messages in music.

The recording of V began in October 2010 on the anniversary of John Lennon’s birth and finished on the anniversary of his tragic death in December 2010. Although this seems like a minor fact that would be helpful on trivia night, Tara expresses a profound connection with 5th Projekt and Lennon. While Rice explains this as a fortunate coincidence, she suggests that “John Lennon is related to what we are saying about free thinking and being yourself.”

Other influences for the profound music created by 5th Projekt lies in old sixties and seventies albums. Bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin all played pivotal roles in inspiring this new band to create unique and adventurous sounds with messages of revolution and freedom.

The upcoming album V is home to a brilliant cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” Based on the psychedelic nature and mindset of 5th Projekt, this cover choice is unsurprising as this particular song is quintessential in describing everything that is psychedelic music.

Rice expressed a connection to “White Rabbit” in terms of style. Tara stated that 5th Projekt “would not change anything stylistically and there are not many artists that you would say we would have done that with.”

On top of the stylistic similarities between 5th Projekt and Jefferson Airplane, Rice describes the similar nature of being “psychedelic and expanding the mind.”

Modern influences for 5th Projekt emerge out of the sounds of Radiohead and Tori Amos. All of these artists have effectively inspired the four members of the band to become engaged with particular elements of music that has developed the sounds found in their new album.

Following the release of V this Tuesday, 5th Projekt will hit the road to tour their newest album.

The venue line-up is diverse as it combines some of the smallest towns and the largest cities in one tour. Tara described the venue choices by claiming that small towns have a “more relaxed vibe and are more receptive people.”

She expresses her love to play in all venues, big and small, but that her heart truly lies in Guelph.

Rice says that the band “loves playing in Guelph, it is our favourite place to play.” Although it is her home in many ways, she also describes her love for Guelph because it is “supportive and filled with art and art appreciators.”

5th Projekt will be taking the stage at the Ebar on August 11th at 9pm. Rice promises this show to be “louder and livelier!” Don’t miss your chance to see this hot new band and to enjoy genuinely powerful music in Guelph’s fantastic downtown.

To catch a sneak peek of 5th Projekt’s album V, “like” them on facebook to receive a free mp3 download. There are also free song downloads for their first three songs on the record at 5thprojekt.com/music.


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