93-Year Old War Veteran Robbed in Guelph

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Written by Pegleess Barrios

"Everything I owned," Frank Taylor told CTV Kitchener. "Everything to say who I was. I have nothing left now. They cleaned the whole works of it."

Guelph resident Taylor, a 93-year old veteran of World War II, reported a break-in and home robbery on November 9. 

Items stolen from Taylor's home include his military medals, birth certificate, ancestry papers, military discharge papers and other souvenirs he kept from his time with the military, as well as $1000 cash. There is no evidence as of yet that the incident is related to Remembrance Day, and it is unclear if Taylor was targetted specifically for being a war veteran., but the robbery appears to have been highly planned with anticipation.

Judy Humphrey-Grieve, an employee of Taylor's, publicly commented; "I work for this great man... This isn't the first break in .. These scoundrels came back with the tools they needed. Obviously watching his home because they knew his schedule. He is the sweetest and most generous man you could ever meet. This is a totally [disgusting] act! [His] memorabilia [were] the most important things to him." Judy added later, "This is his 4th robbery in 2 years. This time they came back [with] the needed tools to open the safe. The police had cameras hidden in [two] places on his property for the last year... They just removed them a week ago!!"

A description of Taylor's predicament was posted on the popular Guelph Facebook page, "Spotted in Guelph", which was recently heralded as the "centre of positivity in Canada" by online bloggers. An anonymous Facebook user posted:

"Guelph...I need your help. My 92 year old VETERAN friend had his house broken into and all of his history was stolen...including his War memories and birth certificate Can we share this and see if we can get the Thieves to drop his documents into a mail box somewhere. Surely they have some heart. It was on the CTV news tonight!! This man fought a war for our Freedom!! Let's have a Remembrance Day Miracle here!!! If you know who did this please ask them/ or if you're seeing this and you did it please please please. Just return the belongings to this his mail box. No questions, is what they're saying. He just needs these things back, and he deserves them for being lucky enough to fight for is and return home, please. "

Guelph residents have responded with characteristic positivity and empathy, searching for the veteran's army records and ancestry records online, offering to bring baked goods to Taylor's home, and starting a crowdfunding page to reimburse him for the money that was stolen (http://www.gofundme.com/h2jbjw).  Anyone with information concerning the robbery is encouraged to contact Guelph Police.

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