A 5 Minute Refresher: Missed You/Nice to Meet You!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Written by Jaimee-Lisa Cotter

Ahhh, the start of another academic school year. Whether you greet it with angst or excitement is up to you. How much money you save and how much easier your life is made, is up to us.


If this is your first year at Guelph, or your first time on the cannon, then welcome! We know you’re having a lot of information thrown at you during frosh and the first full week of classes, so we’ve put together five quick blurbs about what the cannon can offer you. We can get to know each other more intimately at a later date, when your head isn’t about to explode.

1. Always make our classifieds section your first stop for textbooks! We like to consider the cannon a home base for all the resources you’ll need, especially books (because unfortunately, they’re expensive). The great thing about the cannon is that we are simply a conduit for reselling books: we don’t collect or make anything off of the transaction between buyer and seller. We’re simply looking to help students out! And if you can’t find it on the cannon, your next best bet is to visit the folks at the Guelph Campus Co-op Bookstore, located in the bottom of Johnston Hall! Visit their website here.

2. If you’re looking for ways to get involved or things to do in the Guelph community, check out our Community Events Calendar at the bottom of our home page! Organizations throughout Guelph (both on and off campus) use this as a forum to let you know what kinds of activities are happening in your community. Take advantage of it!

3. When you’re ready to look for a rental property here in Guelph, we’re your one stop shop. Browse a selection of available places that fit your criteria, go check out your potential new pad, and get stoked about off campus living! If you already live off campus, get stoked about moving to some sweet new digs!

4.Please don’t try and sell your bus sticker on here. It’s technically illegal, and we will remove your ad. The folks at the CSA and Guelph Transit work hard to bring you a valuable service. Take advantage of it! Feel good about taking public transportation!

5. If you’re looking to do some light reading, check out our homepage for stories about what’s going on in your community! If you’re looking to do some light writing, shoot us an email with a story pitch! We’re always looking for budding journalists, photographers and other forms of freelancers to help build our collection of interesting pieces. And as a win-win, being published looks great on an application, resume, or list of humble-brags. All of our freelancers are compensated at a competitive rate. We believe your work is worth it!


While these are a good place to start, we know there’s bound to be more questions about life as a gryphon. You can visit our best practices page and check our FAQ’s, or shoot us an email if you’re looking for more info.


Good luck! 

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