A Night in Review: The Album Release Party for 5th Projekt

Saturday, August 13, 2011

  • 5th Projekt's release party in Guelph last Thursday night

    5th Projekt's release party in Guelph last Thursday night

Written by Ashley Casey

 A night in downtown Guelph filled with local music, drinks and friends, eBar was the place to be last Thursday night.

Kicking the night off for this release party was Texting Mackenzie, bringing to the stage some alternative rock music from right here in Guelph.  This delightful three piece group of musicians brought the audience out of their seats and away from the bar.

With a sound that combines alternative rock and pop beats and vocals, this was a performance that was enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately, if you missed out on the upbeat tunes of Texting Mackenzie you are out of luck for seeing them again.  This uniquely distinct band has played their last show as a trio after a successful two year career and two awesome albums.  But fans can be assured not to fret yet as there could be a duo project arising out of this energetic band to look forward to.

Attempting to bring the energy up a notch, The Speakeasies took the stage with a heavier approach to the alternative rock scene. Decked out in dress shirts and ties, this group brought stronger bass lines and a more indie rock feel.  With a bit of encouragement from the lead guitarist, the audience started grooving. However, about three songs into their set, the beat changed mid song from original alternative rock to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” to be exact. 

Everybody loves a bit of Gaga, but it seemed a bit misplaced while watching these young guys rock out.  Unfortunately for this band, it seemed like the quality of music was there, but they seemed to miss the target of this particular audience. 

Investing in any of the two albums from The Speakeasies would be a great musical investment, but during the live show the Lady Gaga cover, the constant long breaks and conversations between songs seemed to lose the focus of the audience

Recapturing the crowd’s attention to cap off the night and the real reason for the party, 5th Projekt took the stage to bring Guelph an amazing sound that is incomparable. Captivating the audience from the moment the first guitar chords were played and that bass line began, 5th Projekt delivered everything that was expected from the release of their sophomore album “V”. 

There is no one specific genre that you can place this Toronto band in as they seem to encompass a bit of everything in the music scene.  With a distinct ambient sound and heavy grunge influences, this young group manages to blur the boundaries between music genres in the most amazing and unique way. 

There is no doubt among those present on Thursday night that 5th Projekt can be seen as one of Canada’s most exciting rising Indie bands.  The performance at eBar simply showed how passionate this group is for their music, holding onto the focus of the audience throughout the whole set and commanding the stage.  When 5th Projekt returns to the Guelph area, it is definitely a show that you wouldn’t want to miss.

These three rising Canadian groups managed to pull together a night that was filled with unique Indie beats and enjoyed by the whole crowd.  It was absolutely the place to be at this week and hopefully Guelph will host these bands again in the near future.


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