Additional Study Space Open for the Exam Period

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Written by Stephanie Rennie

Need somewhere to study but can’t find a spot in the library?

Several additional study spaces have designated for students for the examination period.

Peter Clark Hall, University Centre will be available starting at 12pm on Sunday December 4 until Friday December 9 at 6pm. PCH will be open throughout the first week of the exam period from 8:30 am to midnight. Students are asked to respect these spaces by using appropriate garbage/recycling bins and to return chairs and tables to their original state after use.

The Science Complex Atrium will also be opened as a student study space to alleviate the stress of finding a place to prepare for exams. The Atrium will be open every day from Friday December 2 to Thursday December 15 from 8:30 am until midnight.  For access to this building, please use the McNaughton door by the Bookstore during the weekends.

Creelman Hall will also be available as a study space for the exam period. The hours have been extended until midnight beginning Sunday December 4 until Wednesday December 14.

As a student that has endured the ongoing battle to find a place to study day in and day out throughout my academic career, I do appreciate that the university is implementing new study spaces for the busiest time of year. However, this is a very short time solution to an ongoing issue that needs to be properly dealt with.

During the examination period, students pile into the library at alarming rates to find a space to fill their brains. However, at any given time during the semester the library is filled to the brim (with the exception of St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween of course). A year-round solution must be integrated to ensure that students are being given the resources and space that they need to ensure academic success.

While this extra space is appreciated for the fall exam period, students need and deserve adequate study space on campus.


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