AIESEC Guelph: New International Opportunities are Right Here in Guelph

Friday, August 3, 2012


Editor's Note: This article was requested coverage by AIESEC. 


By: Braeden Etienne

Ever wanted to see the world? Have you ever wondered what lies outside Canada and what opportunities are awaiting you beyond the borders of this country? Well, believe it or not, there are opportunities available to you right here in Guelph.

The international organization AIESEC works to facilitate international internships for students and recent graduates all around the world. It is the largest not-for-profit, all student run organization in the world. With chapters set up in 110 countries, it is easy for students to find a country that they are interested in going to. AIESEC provides many valuable resources and support to anyone looking to live and work abroad.

Many students that I talked to shared very positive experiences about living abroad. Currently, there are twelve interns working here in Guelph and I had a chance to speak with a few of them. Aileen Cameron, 25, moved here from Sanquhar, Scotland and has now been living in Canada for three years after her internship found through AIESEC helped her land a full-time job at the IT Security department at the university. “The culture change was more than I thought it would be,” says Cameron “I assumed Canada would be more like the UK than it is.” And although Cameron struggled with the way we Canadian’s don’t add tax to our price listings and say “gas” instead of “petrol” she commended AIESEC Guelph on the way they welcomed her into Canada and helped her through the bumps of getting used to a new culture.

Katrina Raymundo, 22, is from the Philippines and is working an internship as a Communications officer for the Organizational Services department at the university. Raymundo shared her struggles about coping with our immensely colder weather, getting used to our “organized” bus schedules, as well as her delight in how polite we Canadians are. “Back home, strangers won’t be nice to you unless they needed something from you or were planning to steal your stuff” Raymundo replied when asked about culture changes, “just receiving random ‘how are you’s?’ was something I had to get used to.” She is happy with the way AIESEC provided her ample resources to find her internship and opened her eyes to a wide variety of internship opportunities.

Finally, Pedro Valera, a 25-year-old from Lima, Peru, expressed yet another positive experience that came out of his internship working with the Computing and Communications department at the University, which he found through the help of AIESEC’s resources. Valera said that his experience in Canada was life changing. “I’ve learned so many new things here, and am grateful for that.” Valera explains. Valera’s experience with Canadian culture has inspired him to go visit more of the country and he expresses hope that he will be able to work more in either Calgary or Vancouver.

So as you can see, AIESEC is an organization that is doing a lot of work to help students gain valuable experience, learn about new cultures, but most importantly, allowing students to study and live abroad by providing resources and exciting opportunities. AIESEC offers a variety of paid and unpaid internships, with new positions available daily. The students I’ve talked to expressed a great amount of gratitude and enthusiasm about their international work experience. If you ever want to have a similar experience as any of these interns, you can learn more about AIESEC and even apply on their website at aiesec.ca/guelph/en. Or, you can contact the vice president Katelin directly by e-mail at [email protected]

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