Albert Douglas: Free!

Friday, April 11, 2008

  • Prisoner justice

    Prisoner justice

Written by www.thecannon.ca

Albert Douglas , a 6 Nations man imprisoned since September 27, 2007 was released from the Cayuga court house on March 27th, leaving behind six months in isolation and nearly 20 court appearances.

During his stay in the maximum security Hamilton Wentworth Detention Center Albert released a statement to give his opinion about the ''Lying and Cheating that is in today's society". He reported being lied to, threatened, faced with racial slurs, and laughed at when he raised issues with staff's conduct. He says; "Any sort of truth and honesty seems to be far and few in today's busy world."

Douglas faced 16 offenses from assault to attempted murder. All charges related back to events that allegedly took place over the past two years on the former Douglas Creek Estates land. In a prepared statement read from the prisoners box Douglas explained his mind set during that tumultuous time; "The time spent at Douglas Creek Estates, for me, was to make a difference, to make our land claims be noticed, and to get our nation to nation relations resolved. The greater political issue was not being solved. Being there was like being in a cage as people outside poked at us - whether it was the media, the surrounding community members, the police, or even the U.S. intelligence agents." The most serious charges, including attempted murder were dropped by Regional Sr. Justice Glithrow in court. Douglas' time served was adequate to cover his conviction on the remaining six charges. The judge's decision came from an understanding that Douglas' actions were undertaken with good intentions, also known as 'the colour of right.'

Justice Gilthrow's decision was also influenced by letters of support from the community and a 400 person petition.

Douglas' father, Arnold Douglas, says this case is another example of how some people are forced to lie in order to get out of rough times in prison. Arnold made it clear that; "he's not really guilty of what he is charged with, because we live in a sovereign nation and they (the border patrol officers) had no business being there." Arnold Douglas told the Tekawennake News that he is relieved Albert is out; "But there is still a lot of work to do to renew the Silver Covenant Chain. We have only half of the Two Row (wampum belt), the settlers have the other half to follow."

Now that he is out of jail Albert Douglas intends to get on with his life. In a statement to the court Douglas said; "My life focus from now on is to live with what I have learned and pass my knowledge on to ensure peace, love and happiness to our future generations."

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