All Hail the New Green Leader

Monday, August 28, 2006

  • Image from Macleans online

    Image from Macleans online

This past weekend, the Green Party of Canada elected the leader that they hope will carry them through to at least one parliamentary seat in the next election: former Executive Director of the Sierra Club Elizabeth May. May beat out deputy leader David Chernushenko and four-time candidate Jim Fannon with two-thirds support from the party membership to succeed Jim Harris as the head Green. Observers expect May to bring a new energy and charisma to the Green Party, but as to whether this will translate into actual seats (or a seat) is yet to be determined. Although May has never held public office, it’s expected that she’ll have time to grow into the role as the Conservatives with their shaky minority and the leaderless Liberal Party are unlikely to force an election in the near future. Both May and Chernushenko came to Guelph this past summer looking for support, you can read The Cannon’s interview with Chernushenko here
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