Apathetic? 2006

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

With under a week and a half till Election Day TheCannon.ca is bringing you a breakdown of the all the candidates across all the wards as well as the mayoral race. Here in you’ll find the responses to a questionnaire sent to all the candidates. Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of everyone on the ballot, just the one’s that have responded to The Cannon’s request thus far. The list will be updated as we get late responses, but in the meantime, see what the candidates have to save about Guelph and the issues affecting students. And stay tuned to The Cannon for more election coverage.

For Mayor

Mark Briestensky
Karen Farbridge
Bev Izzillo-Ustation

Ward 1

John Allen
Laura Baily
Bob Bell
Eugene Gromczynski

Ward 2

Vicki Beard
Ian Findlay
Dan Moziar

Ward 3

June Hofland
Maggie Laidlaw
Charlie Whittaker

Ward 4

Gloria Kovach
Mark Salisbury

Ward 5
Dan Douma
Sal DeMonte
Leanne Piper

Ward 6

William McAdams
Ken Morgan
Karl Wettstein

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