Are You Pissed Off? CSA and Guelph Civic League Kick Off Municipal Election Campaign.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Written by May Warren

Are you pissed off? The Central Student Association (CSA) and Guelph Civic League want you to be. That’s the name of their new campaign, launched today in the UC to get students involved with the 2006 municipal election. Members of the CSA and GCL distributed pamphlets, answered questions and collected voter registration forms from students. The event also featured a performance by the band You Yourselves.

Citizens of Guelph will go to the polls on November 13th to elect city councilors and mayor. Something that CSA local affairs commissioner Bre Walt says is very relevant for University of Guelph students. "They are here for eight months out of the year, I think students should think of Guelph as their home,” she says.

“We want students to vote because it is their democratic right to select the right from of government,” says Shabab Ahmad of the Guelph Civic League, who reports that voter turnout from the student population was very low in the last municipal election. Walt stresses that students can actually vote both in their home communities and in Guelph, as they are technically citizens of both.

The Get Pissed Off campaign focuses on four main issues they feel are important to students: growth in Guelph, the bus pass, bike lanes, and the stop the pipeline project. The group emphasizes sustainable growth and better urban planning, the preservation of the student bus pass and the widening of bike lanes in the city. They also want to make sure a 650 billion dollar pipeline to pump water from Guelph to lake Erie is not built, as they feel it have negative effects on the environment.

“We picked these four issues because they are the hot ones right now,” says Walt.

“The pipeline was just voted down by city council but just the short term plan. The issue will come up again with this council,” she explains.
In addition to registering today in the UC students can register to vote at the CSA office (UC274) before Election Day. They can also register to vote at the polling station if they bring two pieces of photo ID and proof of their Guelph address.

“Off campus students will receive a card in the mail telling them where to vote, if they register before Election Day,” says Walt.” If they are confused they can go on the city of Guelph website and it will direct them to their home poling station,” she reports.

Polling stations will be set up in the UC on November 13th for students living on campus.

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