Best Western Welcomes Sixty Four First Year Residence students to Brock House

Friday, September 2, 2011

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  • Not your typical residence

    Not your typical residence

Written by Ashley Casey

Over the last few years the University of Guelph has seen a surge in the amount of applications and acceptances among first year students.  Class sizes and courses available are the usual obstacle to be sorted out with Guelph’s growing student population, until this upcoming year.

U of G, like most universities across Ontario and Canada, offer a first year residence guarantee. With the surge of students accepting this offer, Guelph’s campus residences have reached maximum capacity.  The university has had to turn to alternate options to house sixty four first year students planning on moving in this coming September.

Located on the corner of Gordon St. and Stone Road is the Best Western Hotel, known as Brock House as of this coming September, is the newest off-campus residence.  Best Western and the University have come to an agreement to house the sixty four first year students for the 2011-2012 year.

 Brock House will occupy a two level wing of the hotel and will be restricted from hotel guest access.  In an attempt to make this newest residence feel as student oriented as possible for the full student residence experience, minor changes were made to the actual rooms and students will be held to the same fees and residence contract, including 11:00pm quiet hours, as all other residences currently face.

Students will pay the same fee of $5,640 for a double room over the eight month residence stay.  However, student rooms in Brock House get a bit of an upgrade from the standard double room usually consisting of two single beds and a communal floor washroom.  Brock House rooms will feature two queen size beds, an additional closet for storage and each room has its own private washroom.  Traditional hotel artwork and linens have been removed from the rooms and replaced with desks and dressers for the students to have their own personal touch and residence room experience.

  In addition, students will also have a mini fridge, landline phone and television in each room, and will have no need to go and purchase one or bring one from home like other students in campus residences.

Despite the upgrades in furniture, privacy and space, Brock House students will be associated with the South Residences and use those facilities when needed.  This includes dining halls, laundry rooms, mail and community rooms. 

Students will move into Brock House Saturday September 3rd and will also be participating in Orientation week with their R.A. and will be considered first year residence students just like any other student on campus.  Students will be included in the same activities and opportunities despite being considered off-campus. 

 A strong emphasis on the full residence experience in Brock House has been and will continue to be the goal of this newest addition to off-campus living over the coming school year.

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