BlueWorksErotica: a literature event with a sexy edge

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Written by Scott Gilbert

An interesting and unique event is coming to a venue near you. It's erotic, yet tasteful; provocative, yet fun and respectful. It's called BlueWorksErotica.

BlueWorksErotica (vol. 4) is a literature event with a sexy edge. It's a social engagement involving short-stories, spoken word, poetry, music, art and more. Best of all, you get to bring your own content!

But you don't have to participate if you don't want too. Attendees are welcome to just attend for the experience and to listen to others. The great thing about this unusual gathering is that it's a safe place, inclusive, and about as non-offensive as can be. Don't expect hardcore porn on a widescreen to be the main attraction. It has been described as a “candle-lit tasteful affair” that is “totally judgment-free” where there is no pressure to read publicly and no experience is needed. Participants are asked to avoid violent & non-consensual content while sticking to “sexy writings which respect all humanity.”

Organizers say the central feature of the evening is “the most important sexual organ within our beautiful bodies. This central feature is without doubt: our minds.”

Examples of the activities this year include an auction of live-canvas art (and artists as well!), music described as “dirty grooves” and “musical sexiness”, as well as Belgian truffels, treats, beats, reading, dancing, anthology for sale & many surprises.

The proceeds are being donated to the AIDS committee of Guelph-Wellington & the Masai Centre.

Event info:
Guelph: Thursday, December 11th. 8:30pm-3am.
$20 suggested donation, includes pizza & a drink
Manhattans Jazz Bistro, 951 Gordon St. (519) 767-2440.
Waterloo: Thursday, December 18th. 8:30pm-3am.
$7 suggested donation
Jane Bond, 005 Princess St. (519) 886-1689

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