Burnt Oak Christmas Party!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Written by andrea bennett

There are plenty of reasons to come to the e-bar this Thursday night. Eight of them will be taking the stage as members of TIN, Households, and Rouge.

Brad McInerney offered a couple more: the chance to hang out with some good friends, and an excuse to stay out of the cold as well as the stark consumerism of December.

In years past, Burnt Oak has put together year-end compilations. Last year saw the release of You and Yours, and the year before that Burnt Oak put out a compilation titled Dinner Plate. This year, TIN is releasing their album Activies, at the Christmas Party. Karl, the two Steves, Joel, and Dave have been working on this album for two years. This Thursday marks the first time in awhile that they will be sharing their electronic childhood fables with the world.

Last weekend I listened to the new album. "We started recording in summer of 2005," said Karl. "'Growing,' which is probably my favourite song on the album, has been in the works since I joined the band," noted Joel. He added that half of TIN's set would be composed of new material.

The two Steves will join Ryan Newell to form Households , whose catchy heartfelt punk/folk has the power to warm even the chilliest of scrooge hearts (I should know ). Rouge , composed of Jessica and Kelly wearing stage outfits they found in the back of a truck, will also warm the cockles of the e-bar with their electro-pop on Thursday.

If you can't make it out to the party this Thursday, be sure to check out the Hamilton leg of the Burnt Oak turkey on December 16, with TIN, Households, and Brides at the pepper jack café.

Burnt Oak Christmas Party
@ e-Bar (41 Quebec St.)
All Ages / LIC
Doors 9:30.

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