Calling All Gryphons; The CSA's Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Written by Caroline Elworthy

This Wednesday, your chance to have your voice heard, your opinion listened to and your vote considered has arrived.

The Central Student Association Annual General Meeting will take place this Wednesday, January 21st at 5:30pm in the basement of the UC, Peter Clark Hall. The AGM is an important event to allow all undergraduate students to steer the route of their student union by actively participating and discussing past and future endevours.

The issues which students will be voting upon including the following topics and campaigns;

  • Taskforce on Campus Racism

This motion was submitted by the CJ Munford Centre which advocates for a taskforce to represent racialized students to prepare recommendations to the University of Guelph and liaison with other students unions to create a stronger camp in.  

  • Fall Reading Week

9 Universities currently benefit from a Fall Reading week, yet Guelph is not one of them. With 12 concurrent weeks of school during the Fall semester, students are beginning to buckle on the stress. If you think that a Fall Reading Week would benefit you and your peers, come to the AGM and be heard.

  • Pay More Get Less Campaign

The Board of Governors decided to cut 7.58 million dollars in university programming this year and plans to cut the rest of the 25.4 million dollars over the next 2 years, resulting in a lower level of education for a higher price. Tired of having your tuition fee’s go up and up every semester? Come support the Pay More Get Less Campaign at the AGM

  • Fossil Fuel Development

The CSA is demanding the University of Guelph freeze their investment in the 200 largest fossil fuel companies in the world, as it is morally contradictory to profit from fossil fuel investments. If you to be proud of your University and see the freezing of fossil fuel involvement at U of G, come to the AGM to support this motion.   

“There are important motions at the meeting that students need to voice their opinions on in order to progress forward” says Peter Miller, Academic and University Affairs Commissioners.

“The more participation there is from students at the Annual General Meeting, the stronger our student movement is. It’s my hope that we will all agree that now is the time to mobilize against budget cuts and tuition fee increases at U of G” concludes Miller.

As students of this University,  our needs and passion should be the primary driving force for the CSA which looks to enhance the undergraduate student experience. Without student participation and awareness, there is less an indicator of what students truly need and care about. The AGM is the perfect way to have your voice heard and to become more educated on issues which directly affect your education. More information and a full agenda for the AGM can be found on the CSA’s website at www.csaonline.ca/annual-general-meetings.


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