CFS ready to wage war?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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A media release from the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) gives information regarding plans drawn up by the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to fight attempts of member unions to leave the Canadian organization. A CFS plan to wage a massive campaign to keep the KSA, Simon Fraser Student Society, and the University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society was accidentally emailed to the CFS-BC Executive Committee list-serv which included members of the unions seeking to leave CFS.

According to the press release, the plan included over 250 names of possible campaigners to be flown in to the campuses to work on behalf of CFS and affect the outcome of the referendum votes. Many of the names on list are CFS staff from outside of British Colombia. The plans also outline methodical campaign strategies.

KSA Director of External Affairs, Laura Anderson, stated via phone reasons why the KSA is trying to leave CFS.

Basically we're just tired of the BS that goes on in the federation, it spends too much time concerning itself with organizational stability. I've been on the provincial executive for 3 years and there is little or no organized effort put in to tuition or grant campaigns but the second a group tries to leave this is what they pump out.

The referenda are to take place this spring at the aformentioned universities. Votes to leave CFS are overseen by a Referendum Oversight Committee made up of members of CFS and the local student union. In addition, Anderson discussed the attempts being made at the KSA to maintain the objectivity of the referendum.

we've been planning for about a year to make sure that this referendum runs smoothly, we've asked for spending limits and that members of the oversight committee are not involved in campaigning. We are making every effort to make sure that the Referendum Oversight Committee is objective. We chose people from the KSA that were outside the campaign, that were one step removed from the referendum to assure that there was not those sorts of biases. However, Lucy Watson[CFS National Director of Organising] sits on the committee [on behalf of CFS] and her name is all over this campaign. So, it seems it will be awfully hard for her to maintain objectivity and balance

The Guelph Central Student Association is a member union of CFS. CFS is the largest organization of students in Canada. According to a timeline compiled from articles published by The Peak, the student news paper of Simon Fraser University, CFS was formed at a meeting in Guelph, Ontario, in October 1981.

Lucy Watson's contact information was not found for comment. Due to illness CSA external commissioner Cailey Campbell, CSA representative to CFS, was not available for comment. For more information on the KSA's campaign to defederate from CFS you can look at their campaign website: CFStruth.ca

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