Construction Ahead

Thursday, August 31, 2006

  • The view down Gordon Street last Thursday.

    The view down Gordon Street last Thursday.

Returning students living off campus may be facing an obstacle much more frightening than pop quizzes, mean professors and impossible schedules: road construction. For the past two months, the City of Guelph has been undertaking a massive maintenance project along Gordon Street, from the Speed River Bridge to Waterloo Ave.

As returning students well know, this section of Gordon Street is along the bus route from Downtown to the University Centre and since the entire southbound side of the road’s been closed down, Gordon Street is only two lanes wide between Waterloo and the Speed River. Guelph Transit has rerouted University bound buses to turn down Fountain Street to Gordon from Downtown as opposed to the normal MacDonell to Norfolk and down Gordon route.

The purpose of this maintenance is to improve storm drains and sanitation as well as adding a dedicated bike lane, improving traffic flow issues and enhancing the “streetscape/landscape features to improve aesthetics.” The question on the minds of all of you reading this are: “Is this going to affect bus times in getting back and forth from the University?”

Project engineer Ike Umar is optimistic, “I don’t expect many delays,” he said today to the Cannon, “If there are they shouldn’t be long, maybe five minutes.” According to Umar, the bus stops along Gordon were temporarily removed in order to keep the flow of traffic going and to limit non-construction delays do to the bus stopping to pick up large numbers of people of those stops.

Umar continues to stay on top of things though; as it stands today he says that there have been no complaints regarding the traffic flow and he checks the intersection of Gordon & Wellington every morning by driving it himself to make sure things run smoothly. He also says that as long as the weather holds, the road construction on Gordon/Norfolk should wrap up, on schedule, in December.

Elisabeth VanDermade of Guelph Transit also expects that there is going to be some delays along that stretch on Gordon with the increased volume of students and street traffic, but she assures bus riders that Transit is prepared to deal with all eventualities. “We can adjust our services as required like rerouting the bus down Fountain Street,” she said on Thursday, “We will also have extra vehicles running to accommodate passengers and supervisors will make adjustments if there any major delays.”

For information regarding road construction in Guelph, refer yourself to the city’s website by clicking

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