CSA AGM Misses Quorum :(

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Written by Scott Gilbert

The Central Student Association – your undergraduate student union – held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) Thursday night at 6pm in Peter Clark Hall. Unfortunately, the meeting did not meet quorum. Quorum is the term for the minimum number of people needed to have a meeting, which for this CSA AGM was 168 (one percent of the roughly 16,800 undergraduates). Only 58 students were in attendance so the meeting didn’t even begin. This was likely due to several other events that were happening at the same time. Unfortunately, this meeting was booked about six months ago since large venues are very difficult to secure on short notice.

On the way out, one student named Colin Harris said: “At least I got free pizza!”

The AGM is where the general student body has a chance to provide input – in the form of a vote - on CSA policies, by-laws and their budget (that have been passed or proposed since the previous AGM that made quorum), and to hear an oral report directly from each CSA executive relating to what they have been doing in their position since he last AGM. The CSA board usually makes decisions such as policy and by-law changes. Once the CSA board passes a policy or a by-law it comes into effect until it can be ratified by the membership at an AGM.

There are two of the meetings each year. In the fall it is called an Annual General Meeting, and in the winter it’s called a General Members Meeting, or GMM. The AGM and GMM of last year were much more eventful. This was largely due to a proposal to eliminate five seats on the CSA board. These seats are held by Guelph Queer Equality, the Munford Centre, Aboriginal Students Association, International Students’ Association and the Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment (formerly Women’s Resource Centre).

These five seats were originally created to provide diversity on the board. Since it is difficult to have a representative from each of these constituency groups run in the regular CSA elections, they are appointed from within each group. The proposal of last year was to either remove the seats or have them elected by the entire student body. The proposal was not passed.

Check the URL//http://www.csaonline.ca or contact the Communications Commissioner at to learn more about the CSA and to find out when their next AGM or GMM is taking place.

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