CSA Calls for Much Needed Funding and Support

Friday, May 28, 2004

  • CSA Communications Commissioner, J-Me Allen (cannon photo)

    CSA Communications Commissioner, J-Me Allen (cannon photo)

Written by CSA

The Ontario budget released Tuesday paints a bleak picture for university students all over the province. The University of Guelph Central Student Association believes the financial shortfalls of both the province and the university are being downloaded onto student’s shoulders.

In writing the Liberal Government has funded the tuition freeze, but there is no mention of how much universities are going to be seeing and whether or not there will be enough funding to cover the shortfall. The University Board of Governors passed a budget last month which slashed each college’s spending by 3.5% based on the fact that they would be seeing nothing from the province. These cuts mean a dramatic decrease in the quality of education that students will receive. As a result students are paying the same amount of tuition while receiving less in return.

“The University of Guelph is not looking out for the students that they rely on,” said J-me Allen, the CSA Communications Commissioner, “accessible, affordable and high quality education is what the university talks about, but nothing that is happening right now reflects this.”

Allen added, “No one voted for a decrease in the quality of education last fall. The fact that our university views this as the only option at its disposal should be an embarrassment to us all.”

In an attempt to increase accessibility the provincial Liberals have infused an additional $20.9 million dollars into student loan programs. While this move may appear to aide students in their attempts to further their education, it simply loads the burden of financial debt onto the students who access these loans.

“This is a very under-handed move,” Allen explained, “while they are providing more money up front, the resulting debt and the interest that students will have to pay on that debt makes it a very profitable enterprise for the province.”

The CSA’s position is that high quality; accessible education should be the number one goal of the Canada’s number one comprehensive University. The CSA demands that the province to provide the much-needed funding for post secondary education. The CSA also calls on the University to support them and work towards more accessible education.

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