CSA Creates Alternative Budget for University

Friday, March 4, 2005

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Written by Jenn Watt/Ryan White

As the University presents its proposed budget cuts to workers, students and faculty, the Central Student Association has developed its own version that avoids across-the-board cuts and international tuition increases at the same cost to the University.

To relieve its $11 million problem, the University is proposing to run a $6 million deficit while enacting widespread layoffs, a 4.5% cut to every college and a 5% increase to international student fees among other things.

But the student union says it has a plan.

“It’s a very simple solution, but it makes sense,” stated Jenn Watt, Academic Commissioner. “If you implement the strategies already put forth by the University, but skip the most detrimental ones, you can save all staff jobs, avoid international student tuition increases and run the exact same deficit as is proposed currently.”

The Central Student Association’s plan uses the assumptions put forth by the University in its 8 step plan, but simply shifts priorities.

Currently, the University is proposing cuts to staff and college-level “costs” amounting in $ 8.43 million of savings, but due to the fact that the University is running at bare minimum already, it has to factor in “restructuring” costs to deal with the loss amounting in a $ 6.5 million deficit.

“What we propose is to skip the layoffs, and therefore skip the restructuring,” said Ryan White, External Commissioner. “Alastair Summerlee has stated that these cuts are due to government spending cuts, not due to a wasteful campus or extra workers – so this is a way to tell the government that we can do with no less than we currently have.”

The Central Student Association budget proposal also calls for vice-presidents, directors and deans to take a salary rollback to the figures present only a few years ago.

The extra money generated from these rollbacks has a two-fold approach: both sending a message to the government of the severity of the financial gap and working to lower this year’s University deficit below the proposed $6 million mark.

The Central Student Association is the official voice of over 16,000 undergraduate students at the University of Guelph.


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  1. Posted by: George on Dec 17, 2008 @ 10:58am

    CSA is a bunch of commies!

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