CSA expresses "extreme disapproval" of Mayor's plagiarism

Friday, March 12, 2004

  • Ask not what your city can do for...uh..oh yeah...(cannon graphic)

    Ask not what your city can do for...uh..oh yeah...(cannon graphic)

Written by CSA

GUELPH - At a board meeting held on Wednesday, March 10th, the Central Students Association (CSA) passed a motion expressing their displeasure with Mayor Kate Quarrie’s inaugural address. Quarrie’s address, delivered on December 1st, featured several large, unattributed passages taken from Municipal World magazine.

In an unopposed decision, the board released the following statement:
“Be it resolved that that the Central Students Association, as an organization with a strong interest in academic integrity, would like to express our extreme disapproval that Kate Quarrie, Mayor of Guelph, plagiarized her inaugural address. We, as a student body, expect our municipal leaders to demonstrate a high level of integrity, and we feel this is no example to set for students.”

Andrew Langille, the CSA’s Local Affairs Commissioner and a member of the board, voiced his displeasure with Quarrie’s actions stating “It is disgusting that an elected official would stoop to the level that she did – I would expect Kate Quarrie’s resignation over this matter, she obviously does not have necessary ethical or moral standards to govern the Royal City.”

David Hornsby, the CSA’s Academic Commissioner stated “Mayor Quarrie’s actions are intolerable, if she was a student here at the University of Guelph her actions would constitute a serious breach of academic integrity and be subject to an investigation. I would expect the citizens of Guelph should request an inquiry into her actions.”

“Our civic leaders must be held to a high standard. Mayor Quarrie’s actions, however, fail to meet these standards. As a student, I find it absolutely disgraceful that our Mayor could do such a thing” said Ryan White, the board member who drafted the motion.

The CSA will be sending a copy of the motion to the Mayor’s office in the coming week.

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