CSA FAQ Part 1:External Commissioner

Thursday, August 3, 2006

20 Questions for External Commissioner John Coombs

1) Who the devil are you?
John Coombs

2) What’s you’re Zodiac sign?
You got a $20 bill put your hand up! Leo

3) And what is it that you do for the CSA?
External Commissioner

4) Sounds technical. What does it mean?
It means I represent U of G undergrad student interests beyond the scope of the campus, and Guelph. This means working with provincial and federal governments as well as our national student union the Canadian Federation of Students.

5) How’s that been going so far?
Very well. Busy and interesting. I have really learned a lot over the summer.

6) I imagine that tuition is a big topic of conversation with those groups, how are you going to help fight the battle against the high cost of education?
Get as much as attention to the subject as possible so that it becomes an election issue next chance we get to choose a government.

7) Besides tuition, what’s the other big issue you’re working on or would like to work on?
General Funding for education is a big issue. I imagine the state of the world and Canada’s role in international conflicts will also be important this year.

8) What brought you to serve as a CSA commissioner any way?
Last year I took up great interest in the CSA and the position and thought given my previous campus experiences I would bring something to the organization.

9) What kind of experiences did you have?
I have been a Senator, Residence President, College President, CSA Board member, and member of numerous committees and groups on campus

10) What’s the deal with being a CSA commissioner any way? Do you still do classes? Do you get paid?
I will be taking two classes this year, which will allow me to complete my degree… and yes, I get paid!

11) What is the one thing that you want me, as a student, to know about the CSA?
That we are open to ideas and student input and we want you to visit us and tell us what you think!

12) Do you serve refreshments when people come to visit you in your office to offer suggestions?
Ummm… when I get my fridge here then yes! Until then… free pens?!

13) What can we look forward to this year at the U of G?
An exec that will work hard for you, quality services and some awesome concerts.

14) Even more awesome than last year’s concerts, because those were pretty awesome?
Absolutely! It begins frosh week… look out!

15) Can I refer to the CSA exec as the “Fantastic Five”?
Refer to us as you please! I've heard it all.

16) Could you cite some examples?
Most are explicit and not appropriate for such a forum… ahhaha

17) How can I make a difference? I’m only one person.
Come to our office and we can help you direct your skills and interests to achieve the goals that concern you.

18) Even if that goal is to get the government to finally tell us the truth about the existence of extra-terrestrials?
My knowledge of good ol’ ET’s is minimal, but if the interest is there, lets work on it - but an External Issue is it not.

19) Where do I find you if I need you?
2nd floor UC by the south elevators… my office is at the end of the hall!

20) You’re a man of few words aren’t you?

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