CSA FAQ Part 4:Finance and Human Relations Commissioner

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

20 Questions for Finance and Human Relations Commissioner Chris Killer.

1) Who the devil are you?

Chris Killer

2) And what is it that you do for the CSA?

Finance and Human Resources Commissioner

3) Sounds technical. What does it mean?

I oversee the financial and staffing aspects of the Central Student Association. This mainly involves handling the internal operations of the CSA office with money and staff.

4) The F&HR commissioner is also involved with overseeing TheCannon.ca are they not?

Yes, I am! I get to work with our wonderful cannon Editor to ensure this website is everything it should be and more.

5) What other CSA groups are you the supervisor of?
I work with the GM to oversee the Bullring on campus, work with the clubs coordinator for our some-70 clubs, and also supervise the Safe Walk program.

6) If I say, “Show me the money.” Are you contractually obligated to in fact show me the money?

I have some great clipart of money, I can show you that if you want. I can in fact disclose budgets and accounting records because I strive to ensure a transparent student union.

7) Tell me; since you know the CSA staff so well: which staff member is the evil one?

It’s Miles, he was a puppy that hung out with us occasionally this summer and then “did his business” on the CSA boardroom floor. Evil puppy!

8) What brought you to serve as a CSA commissioner any way?

I have been involved with the university from literally day one on this campus in my first year. I’ve held various student executive roles, several of which have been in finances. It was therefore an appropriate match for me to run in the election as the Finance and HR Commissioner. I believe students can have a very positive influence on campus and I’m honoured to be in a leadership role with this kind of influence.

9) Is a background in finances necessary in order to hold your position?

I do believe it is necessary to have a background in finances and to be comfortable with budgets and accounting to hold this position. Equally as important is to understand office management and staff relations.

10) What’s the deal with being a CSA commissioner any way? Do you still do classes? Do you get paid?

As a commissioner, we work full-time throughout the summer and the school year for an entire one-year term. We are allowed to do a couple courses as part-time students. I will be doing courses over the summer and throughout the school year so I can graduate…eventually! We are paid a full-time salary.

11) Why graduate? The real world is a scary place.

To move on!

12) You’re the financial whiz, how are we going to fight against the escalating cost of tuition?

Continue to push lower tuition with the administration. Handling the situation at hand involves careful personal management of money and personal budgeting. A life skill that is extremely valuable.

13) High tuition is a big issue for many on campus, any other issue you see as a potential stumbling block coming up this school year?

A contentious issue on campus I see this year will be students’ involvement (or lack of) in the university budgeting process this year. This was a huge concern last year and many things need to be done to remedy what happened last year.

14) What is the one thing that you want me, as a student, to know about the CSA?

The one thing I would want you as a student to know about the CSA is that we are here to represent you and the most effective way we can represent and advocate a particular concern of yours is if you come to us. There are 17,000 undergraduates on this campus and while we do everything we can to represent everyone’s views, we can’t do everything we would like to do. Come to us and we’re more than happy to sit down with you one-on-one and talk about anything.

15) What can we look forward to this year at the U of G?

Under my portfolio, you can look forward to a new renovated Bullring on campus. If you come to the second floor, you will find ongoing cleaning and organizing to ensure the space is as welcoming as possible.

16) You know, the Bullring already is pretty spectacular?

Yes, yes it is!

17) Can I refer to the CSA exec as the “Fantastic Five”?

I think so! We’re even working on a Fantastic Five handshake. Look for that in the near future.

18) How can I make a difference? I’m only one person.

As one person you can make a difference! You make a difference by getting the support from others who share your concern or belief. You can do this by using the CSA as a resource because we have many of the political, social, and environmental concerns you all have. And most importantly, we have the resources to allow you, as only one person, to accomplish what you never thought you could and rally the necessary support.

19) I’m concerned about the Conservative Mutant Luddite Mole People that live in the sewer; can the CSA do something about that?

Come to us and we’ll see what we can do, regardless of politically ideology.

20) Where do I find you if I need you?

You can find the five executive commissioners of the CSA on the second floor of the UC. We all have offices on this floor and you can speak with the CSA Front Office to get in contact with us or find out where our offices are. We certainly look forward to hearing from all of you!

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