CSA FAQ Part 5: Communications Commissioner

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

20 Questions for Communications Commissioner Jonathan Odumru

1) Who the devil are you?

Jonathan “the stone” Odumeru

2) Why “the stone”?

Because I work very HARD and my ideas ROCK.

3) And what is it that you do for the CSA?

I communicate and shiat (Communications Commissioner)

4) Sounds technical. What does it mean?

Ohh, toughy….It means that I am the spokesperson, internal (non-academic) affairs guy, and attached to the job is a bunch of interesting administrative duties, like overseeing our board of directors, and sitting on numerous committees.

5) The CSA has committees!?

Indeed we do! Our committees are mainly struck by our board of directors on an ad hoc basis, but we do have some more permanent committees like the Policy and Bylaw review committee. The majority of committees that I sit on are external to the CSA, and usually involve collaborations with other student groups and the university administration.

6) What brought you to serve as a CSA commissioner any way?

In truth, I enjoy living a busy life, and I’m very passionate about student issues. So put those things together and you have an executive commissioner. In terms of communications specifically, I love the versatility of the position, and the variety of jobs associated with the position.

7) What’s the deal with being a CSA commissioner any way? Do you still do classes? Do you get paid?

Yes, and yes. You don’t have to take classes, and in truth it’s a full time job, but I feel like a commissioner is much more connected to the student body if they are a student themselves. Also, you don’t have to accept your pay cheque, and trust me it was a difficult decision, but I kind of like paying rent and buying groceries (which our salary hardly covers FYI).

8) What’s the biggest challenge for you being a CSA commissioner?

It hasn’t fully hit me yet, but the toughest challenge for me personally will likely be trying to balance the various aspects of my portfolio. As I mentioned earlier I’m the spokesperson, I deal with on-campus issues that are non-academic, I oversee our board of directors, sit on committees, and am in charge of all official communications of the organization. So ya, throw in a social life, my athletic endeavours, and classes, and time gets to be a little scarce.

9) What is the one thing that you want me, as a student, to know about the CSA?

I’d love for you to know all the wonderful details about the CSA, but if I had to choose one thing, it would have to be that our doors are open!! Come visit us if you have ideas that you’d like to see fly on campus, or if you’re having difficulty with a prof or landlord, we can provide advocacy, and if you don’t like something we’re doing, come tell us instead of silently hating us.

10) Can’t I do both?

I suppose that’s within the realm of possibility.

11) Okay, what if you had to choose 2 things about the CSA you’d want me to know, what’s the second thing?

We provide a tonne of services, you can find a complete list at www.csaonline.ca There are also lots of ways to become involved in the organization, including jobs, volunteer positions, and elected positions.

12) What can we look forward to this year at the U of G?

There are going to be tons of wonderful events that I could go on and on about, but I think that honestly what students are going to notice and appreciate most are the many opportunities that will be available to shape your CSA. These will come in the form of opinion polls, etc…

13) Getting serious for a minute; what’s the deal with high tuition how’s the CSA going to fight the power on this?

We are planning to look at this issue from all angles, providing discussions, speakers and campaigns that try to address the issue as objectively as possible.

14) If you could pick an issue beyond tuition that’s going to be of importance to students in the coming year, what would it be?

Student space on this campus will likely be one of the most important issues that we address this school year.

15) Can I refer to the CSA exec as the “Fantastic Five”?

How bout fantastic five and a half, cause I’m really big.

16) How can I make a difference? I’m only one person.

One really energetic, highly caffeinated, chocolate covered coffee bean eating person.

17) Who told you about that?

Trust me, I have my sources! (Un petit oiseau m’a dit)

18) Who do you like in OUA football this year?

It’s obviously my fellow Guelph Gryphons!

19) Where do I find you if I need you?

Everywhere. No really, I’m everywhere…. , UC 274, the first floor of the library---you’re sure to get me at one of those places.

20) Are you Batman?

Despite the pleasure I get from adorning myself in bat regalia, and my affinity to black spandex, I assure you that I am not the Caped Crusader.

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