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Friday, December 19, 2008


Written by Jason Smith

The CSA Food Bank encourages you to get your $1.50 worth out of your tuition cost next semester! It’s as easy as registering with us as a client by showing your student ID and then helping yourself to groceries as the need arises.

Check us out at - www.csafoodbank.org

Phone us at - 519 824 6270

Visit us at - 640 Gordon Street

Email us at -

Ever since the passing of a CSA amendment where students agreed to pay $1.50 out of their tuition to fight poverty, the CSA Food Bank has been established to help students through their studies. The CSA Food Bank, Stuff Swap and Bike Centre are all hosted out of the old biology house on Gordon Street. The food bank has recently developed terms in proud association with the City of Guelph Food Bank, to provide groceries and toiletries for students who need it. Recently, the addition of the Stuff Swap has transformed the CSA Food Bank into a resource centre in resemblance of a Salvation Army/Good Will, where clothing, appliances, electronics and other miscellaneous items are donated and readily available for those in need. A special dietary resource has also been established for students who are limited to certain foods by their beliefs and are eligible for a special fund. The CSA Food Bank is continuing to grow in terms of aiding students and is proud to thank all volunteers for their contributions! Volunteers aid in the day to day operations of the food bank, help to organize anti-poverty campaigns, design ads and posters for the food bank, and research anti-poverty resources. Any donations are always greatly appreciated! The CSA Food Bank prides itself on helping students save an extra buck on their grocery bills by dropping in and checking out what the food bank has to offer!

The CSA Food Bank encourages you to get your $1.50 back out of your tuition by stopping by and seeing what the food bank (Stuff Swap and Bike Centre) have to offer.

Used clothing, food, bikes and parts can all be found at the CSA Food Bank! Donations welcome.

Open Monday to Friday, (visit website for exact hours)

640 Gordon Street (At the corner of South Ring Road and Gordon Street)

519 824 6270


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