CSA Holds its Last Board Meeting of the Semester

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Written by Gonzalo Moreno

The CSA Board of Directors met on Wednesday night for the last time this semester. In its most important decision of the meeting, it ratified the results of last month’s general elections with a motion written on a pizza box. When the board reconvenes sometime in the summer semester, its composition will have changed according to the electoral results and it will be under a new executive.

The short discussion leading to the ratification of the results was not devoid of controversy. College of Arts representative Bill Maloney, who had been very vocal on the issue in the previous meeting, asked that the Board reconsider its decision to ratify the results of the External Commissioner race. This race was won by Cailey Campbell over Romesh Hettiarachchi after a listserv email surfaced attacking Hettiarachchi’s character and past voting history. The Board refused to reopen this discussion.

During the later stages of the meeting, Maloney brought up the issue again by saying that he had written an op-ed piece in The Ontarion about what transpired in the March 28 Board meeting. Although he did not want to challenge the results of the election anymore, Maloney insisted that “[Hettiarachchi’s] rights to a fair election were violated” and that the CSA should “send an apology [to Hettiarachchi] over csatalk.”

Hettiarachchi, who is himself a Board member, said that “the Board ruled it’s over, and I don’t want an apology.” Both Finance & Human Resources Commissioner Chris Killer and Academic Commissioner Becky Wallace argued that it would be “hypocritical” for the Board to apologize for a decision it had previously passed with a comfortable majority.

Maloney then changed his proposed motion from requesting an apology to requesting that the CSA issue a statement “ruling that the CSA’s human resources situation doesn’t come before the rights of its members,” and that “these rights are a priority and not subordinate to other issues.” The motion was defeated with only 2 votes in favour.

In other business, External Commissioner John Coombs informed the meeting that the Board of Governors of the University of Guelph “unanimously passed” a “resolution to lobby the government for lower tuition fees.”

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