CSA Meeting Mercifully Short

Friday, November 17, 2006

Written by May Warren

Last Thursday’s CSA Board of Director’s meeting was short and to the point, capping off at the two hours mark. The biggest development was the presentation of the CSA’s semi-annual budget which business manager Lee Anne Clark says indicates the CSA is “on track and doing well.”

Although the Bullring is currently in the hole it’s only because of having to install new equipment this year. Overall, sales are up and things should be back in order very soon, she says. The only other item of interest was raised during the “new business” portion of the meeting when Local Affairs Commissioner Bre Walt announced that voter turnout in Ward Five (the ward that campus falls in) was up 129 per cent in last week’s municipal election. This points to a huge increase in the number of students voting municipally. Walt and other board members also raised concerns about voting irregularities, especially on campus where Walt say the polling station was run “completely inappropriately,” but it appears this did not stop students from voting.

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