Monday, July 11, 2005


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The University of Guelph's Central Student Association would like to publicly acknowledge its support for the members of United Steelworkers of America local 4120 in their decision to strike if conciliation fails this summer.

This past Wednesday, the 950-member technical and administrative support staff bargaining unit voted 92.5 per cent in favour of strike action against the University of Guelph if the University does not acknowledge the union’s proposals for wage and pension improvements, along with maintaining the benefits package.

Fil Falbo, Steelworkers’ Area Coordinator said the overwhelming support of the membership to strike, demonstrates just how fed up employees are with the treatment they are receiving from management. If conciliation this summer fails, members of local 4120 may be on strike by the beginning of the academic year.

Marg Carter, president of Local 4120, says that members are feeling angry and by the concessions proposed by the University. “The proposals constitute a full-blown attack against 30 years of hard-won gains,” says Carter. “Did they expect us to just say ‘okay, thank-you very much, we’ll take less than we have already?”.

“Guelph students are very grateful for all the work done by the Steelworkers on this campus. We recognize that the smooth operation of this institution could not continue without them, and we will support their decisions” says Scott Gilbert, the External Commissioner at the Central Student Association. “It is unfortunate that the management doesn’t appear to recognize the value of support staff.”

The Central Student Association represents over 16 000 undergraduate students.


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