CSA Town Hall Provides students with Information about their Student Union

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

  • Matt Pecore, the CSA Local Affairs Commissioner speaks to people at the CSA Town Hall

    Matt Pecore, the CSA Local Affairs Commissioner speaks to people at the CSA Town Hall

Written by Peter Miller

 The CSA is the undergraduate student union at Guelph. It is composed of 5 executive full-time members that are responsible for different functions of the student union, from mobilizing students for campaigns, to helping make sure that different CSA services operate smoothly.

On Wednesday October 10, undergraduate students at Guelph had the opportunity to meet the Executive Members of the Central Student Association during a town hall. The meeting provided students with more information about functions of the student union as well as information about the work different executive members have been up to this year.

 Deaglan McManus, the CSA’s Academic Commissioner started off. He outlined some committees that he sits on to provide student input about various issues on campus including academics, tuition fees, environmental sustainability and accessibility. For instance, McManus is on the Student Senate Caucus, and sits on a working group finding out the feasibility of there being a 5:30pm to 7pm time slot on campus. There is worry that the time slot will be a hindrance on student participation because meetings for clubs and extracurricular activity often take place during the time slot. Another campaign McManus is working on is the campaign for a bottled water free campus. Last semester, students voted to get rid of bottled water on campus, but Hospitality Services and Administration at the school have not complied.

 Drew Garvie, the CSA’s communications commissioner spoke next. He is involved in promotions of the student union. Garvie spends time working on press releases about CSA campaigns, sending out the mass email, and also worked on the new website for the CSA. He tables and does class talks for major events, and also has been working on tying in CSA services to central promotion.

 Dominica McPherson, the External Affairs Commissioner is involved in providing students with information about federal and provincial policies that can affect them. McPherson has been going to consultations about the new MTCU report that is calling for more online learning amongst other reforms at universities across Ontario. She plans to invite Glenn Murray, the minister of training colleges and universities, to campus to talk to students about the potential reforms to our education system that she believes will be negative for our quality of education.  McPherson has also been working on the Aqua Campaign for a bottled water free campus, and following through on a new ethical purchasing policy that has been implemented at the CSA.

 Joshua Ofori-Darko, the Human Resources and Operations Commissioner also spoke. Some CSA services that Ofori-Darko plays a key role in overseeing include safe walk, the Bullring, as well as CSA finances. He also organizes hiring for student jobs at the CSA. The CSA provides over 30 jobs for students that are flexible and can provide great experience. Part of the Human Resources and Operations Commissioner job portfolio is around student space. Ofori-Darko was instrumental in organizing the Student-Space Sit-in on campus that called for more study space on campus, and also plans to have a similar event this year.

 Mathew Pecore is the Local Affairs Commissioner at the CSA. The Local Affairs Commissioner job portfolio includes transit, municipal issues, awareness of sexual assault and prevention (ASAP), and also tenant issues. Pecore is getting ready for an ASAP campaign concerning bystander intervention. He also works on negotiating agreements with Guelph Transit with other members of the CSA Board of Directors. He also sits on different committees in Guelph community.

 This article does not include everything that each Executive Commissioner is focusing on this academic year. To find out more, visit the CSA on the second floor of the UC or check out the CSA website. On the website is an outline of the presentation that executive members provided during the Town Hall, and students are encouraged to find out more.

 Here is the link to the presentation: http://www.csaonline.ca/files/2012/10/TownHall-Presentation-2012-10-10-Final.pdf

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