DECA Guelph Brings Home Awards from Provincials and Competing Internationally in April

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  • DECA Guelph Executive

    DECA Guelph Executive

  • Vice President of DECA Guelph, David Blampied with other delegates.

    Vice President of DECA Guelph, David Blampied with other delegates.

  • Left to Right: Sean Delottinville (President), Ashton Romany (VP), & David Blampied (VP)

    Left to Right: Sean Delottinville (President), Ashton Romany (VP), & David Blampied (VP)

Written by Alice Lin

Last month, DECA Guelph sent students to compete on the Provincial level against other 19 other DECA university chapters--such as Ryerson, University of Toronto, and Laurier--and brought home a total of nine awards. The sold-out event took place at The Sheraton Centre in Downtown Toronto and saw over 1,500 delegates from different DECA University chapters, 95 of which were students representing the University of Guelph.

DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and universities around the globe through business case competitions. They are renowned for allowing students to think outside of the lecture halls and seminars and take what they learn and but it to practice. “The DECA University Provincials is the largest undergraduate conference in all of Ontario,” said Sean Delottinville, who is the President of DECA Guelph and is currently in his senior year studying Accounting, “we knew this was going to be a big year, so we organized a lot of different events and socials as well as extensive training for members throughout the entire year”.

The DECA Guelph executive team organized training sessions on the written, oral, component of the case competitions to prepare delegates: “We wanted to make sure we are building on quality experience for our delegates and providing support and mentorship actively throughout” said Delottinville. DECA Guelph is a relatively new club here on campus but has grown rapidly since they’ve started. “This is the third year that DECA Guelph has been running,” said David Blampied, the Vice President of DECA Guelph who is currently in his third year studying Marketing, “we have had a significant growth in numbers since we started and are very pleased to come home with a number of awards this year”. In the first year of DECA Guelph, Blampied shared that the group started out with 25 members. In its second year, the group grew to 89 and this year at 95.

Training is crucial in developing essential skills for the delegates. Individuals have a 15 to 20 minute amount of time to prep for a case and must provide a written and oral presentation in a tight time frame. The Provincial competition had 15 different categories with approximately 100 delegates competing in each one of them. Guelph DECA delegates competed and brought home two major awards; delegates Ian Forbes & Brian Crosby came in first overall in the International Marketing category and delegate Rory Hume came in third overall in the Accounting category.

Final list of delegates and their awards during the Provincials:

Accounting (Singles):
Cole Evans - Top 2 written component
Rory Hume - 3rd overall and top 3 oral presentation

Restaurant and Food (Singles):
Monica Kwok - Top 3 oral presentation

Business Financial Services (Singles):
Matthew Bajurny - Top 2 written component

International Marketing (Team):
Chloe Blais & Shveta Kanetkar - Top 3 oral presentation
Ian Forbes & Brian Crosby - Top 3 oral presentation and 1st overall

Business to Business (Team):
Jimmy Nguyen - Top 2 written

“DECA is a great opportunity for networking, support and mentorship as well,” said Ashton Romany, who is the other VP of DECA Guelph also in his senior year studying Accounting, “upper year students help tutor new and first year students joining the club. This creates an environment and builds relationship between students so not only does it help them in getting engaged with DECA, but also support them throughout their time at the University”.

DECA Guelph will be sending delegates to the International DECA competition in April set to take place in Washington, D.C. For more information about DECA Guelph, membership and involvement on the executive, visit: http://www.decauguelph.com/

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