Election 2007 update

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The polls have closed and the ballots are being counted. There is nothing official yet but it appears that the Liberals have it with the CBC projecting 70 or 71 seats. The Legislature would be rounded out with the PC holding 25 or 26 and then the NDP holding 11 or 12 seats.

In Guelph the CBC is projecting incumbent Liz Sandals of the Liberal Party as the winner. With 194 polls of 288 Sandals is holding a 15% lead over Bob Senechal of the PC, 20% lead over Ben Polley of the Green Party, 25% over Karan Mann-Bowers of the NDP with Jon Gots of the Family Coalition Party and Drew Garvie of the Communist Party rounding out the last of the voting with less than 1% each. The CBC is providing up to the minute information on each election riding.

The big story is that the Green Party, while again failing to gain a seat again, has more than doubled its representation on the popular vote.

Also, the MMP referendum has seemingly failed. The referendum to switch Ontario to the "mixed member proportional" system of representation. The tally is showing the current system 63% to 36% for mmp. The CBC is also reporting that many Ontario voters were ill prepared for the referendum.

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