Elliot Brood and One Hundred Dollars rocked the Vinyl stage last Thursdsay night

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Written by Ashley Casey

To kick off a night filled with music and friends in Downtown Guelph, Elliot Brood hit up the Vinyl stage early Thursday Night. 

The Toronto based band One Hundred Dollars began the night with an alternative country beat that had everyone close to the stage swaying and even clapping in tune to the beat of the drums.  Not rushing into a quick paced sound, One Hundred Dollars maintained a mellow indie country beat throughout the set keeping the crowd’s attention and desire to hear more. 

Led by such a dominant and distinct female vocalist Simone Schmidt, this country band is like no other heard today. They mix in rock and roll with the old school western feel that makes them a bit of fresh air to the alternative music scene.

 By nine o’clock this young band had everyone on their feet and the crowd quickly grew as Elliot Brood began to hit the stage.

To cap off the night at Vinyl, headliner Elliot Brood put on a stellar performance that almost seemed to put Vinyl at full capacity.  Completely capturing and inviting the crowd with the first strum of the guitar, they silenced the entire audience.  By the end of the first song they had managed to make their love for Guelph evident, and those in the crowd that night did the same.

Without a doubt the band knew who their audience was, asking questions between songs like, “how is school going?” and “who has homework tonight?” Elliot Brood knew who they were playing for, making the night even better for everyone there who did have homework that night. 

The sound of a harmonica and banjos captured the audience at Vinyl and had everyone moving to the sound of soul and bluegrass beats.  This sound was quite unique to the standard alternative rock that Canada is used to hearing.  Elliot Brood drew in the audience with strong lyrics moving across all aspects of life, from the dark to the light, from death to love. 

With these young bands commanding the bar with two distinct sounds, there was not a person standing still Thursday night. Everyone was busy enjoying the music by themselves, having a good time with friends, or working the bar. 

The only question left at the end of the night was when will we see these bands again?

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