End The War in Afghanistan: Rally & March on Oct 18

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Written by Scott Gilbert

The Guelph Peace Alliance is organizing a family friendly march and rally this Saturday, October 18th. They are marching for an end to the war in Afghanistan and calling for a return on Canadian troops.

What follows is borrowed with permission from the promotional material prepared for the event:

"Lies and omissions about the escalation of war in Afghanistan, through repeated attempts at painting a rosy picture of progress and development in that country, are invariably contradicted by reality. Thus, with higher troop levels than before (now around 71,000), more NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan than in Iraq in May and June of this year.

From time to time, we hear mention of “collateral damage” as occupation forces continue to kill civilians. In July alone, at least 80 Afghan civilians were killed, including 47 people – mostly women and children – bombarded while taking part in a wedding, and two very young children shot in their parents’ car by Canadian soldiers.

The Harper Government has not only committed Canada to be in Afghanistan until 2011 – longer than WWI or WWII – it is presently spending over 50 million dollars every day on the military and is pushing for massive increases in military spending – as much as $490 billion over the next 20 years!

Join us on October 18 to push the Harper government to tell the truth about Canada’s war in Afghanistan and bring the troops home now!"

The organizers have billed this event as "family friendly", however they have not sought a permit for the march portion of the event. If you are concerned about attending or would like further information, please email


March from the University of Guelph – 1pm
Rally in St George’s Square Downtown- 2pm
Join the pan-Canadian mobilization!
Speaker...petitions...open mic


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  1. Posted by: on Oct 16, 2008 @ 2:27pm

    Scott I know you had to be brief in your discription of Afghanistan but I think it is an insult to those in active duty to pretend they shouldn't be over there. Canadians in Afghanistan have an important job as peacekeepers and trying to keep it brief myself I would like to say that the goverment is justified in their spending with the goal in mind to give peacekeepers good armor and services, and secondly that the protecting civilians is the only reason we are out there.

    **This is not the Vietnam War were people are being drafted, it is 100% volunteers. So I hope this protest isn't pretending that it is our responsibility to bring our men and women home. They are there for what every reason it was that they made that choice for. Don't berate or patronize their choices

  2. Posted by: on Oct 17, 2008 @ 10:04am

    I think it's an insult to those on active duty to be sent to Afghanistan. The government and the military doesn't even claim to be "peacekeeping". We’re playing an offensive role in Afghanistan and we’re part of an invading coalition. Civilian deaths are at their highest levels since the invasion in 2001. Increased military budgets are not to provide our troops with better armor so they can “help the poor Afghans”, but to attempt to hold on to the control of important energy control routes. The United Nations is now saying that living conditions have actually gotten worse since 2001 for Afghans. Harper’s drive for war has consequences at home as well. With depression looming, where is the increased military funding going to come from? Goodbye social safety net, right when we need it the most. How could this money be spent at home? Harper plans on buying six new warships for Canada. Stevie's new toys will cost us 4.5 billion. This is the same amount needed to eliminate tuition fees in Canada. Canada is the only industrialized country in the world with no national housing program. 1/9th of current military funding would be enough to create a basic housing program that would benefit masses of our poor at home.

  3. Posted by: Chris on Oct 21, 2008 @ 6:21pm

    Maybe Scotty boy and all of his merry 'men' should at least try to get their information right.

    Specifically, use a picture of a CANADIAN soldier on their posters and articles. If you're going to trash the CF, at least use the right picture.

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