First CSA Board Meeting of the Semester Goes Down Without Incident

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Written by Gonzalo Moreno

On Wednesday, the Board of Directors of the Central Student Association (CSA) held its first meeting of the Fall semester. It was the first chance of the new executive to test the waters now that the school year is in full swing and the UoG campus is fully populated once again.

In a highly unusual move, the meeting was adjourned for half an hour before it even started. The CSA executive wanted to show institutional support for the victims of last week’s shooting at Montreal’s Dawson College. Therefore, most in the meeting joined in the candlelit vigil that took place in Branion Plaza.

Once the vigil was over, the meeting resumed at full steam. Among the most important motions passed was the decision to grant seed funding to the upcoming Guelph International Film Festival, so that weekend passes to the festival at a reduced price may be purchased by students. Having been part of GIFF in a past edition, Local Affairs Commissioner Bre Walt argued heavily for the importance of the festival among the community, and for the efforts that GIFF has been doing to attract students to the venues.

As part of the CSA’s summer activities, Communications Commissioner Jonathan Odumeru circulated a questionnaire among board members to establish priorities in the CSA’s functioning this year. Odumeru used the meeting on Wednesday to present his conclusions about the material collected in those surveys, with special emphasis on increasing the visibility of the CSA on campus and increasing the involvement of non-executive board members in CSA activities.

Consequently, Odumeru argued, in his own words, for the creation of an ad-hoc committee to “coordinate the visioning of the CSA as an organization and to explore visioning that has already occurred.” Although the details of the committee were not finalized, there was a commitment to open participation in its works to all the body of students and university staff.

There was also extended talk about the upcoming by-elections, since there are several vacancies in the CSA Board of Directors. As there is at least one candidate for every empty seat, the elections will go forward in hopes of reaching a sufficient number of voters to have a full board once again. Look forward to extended election coverage at Thecannon.ca in the next two weeks!

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