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Friday, November 2, 2007

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A Guelph alum, Saroop Bharwani Engineering class of ’03, help to co-found a website that brings a whole new dimension into getting funding for school. Many people, I'm sure are familiar with waiting in line for OSAP in PCH as well as the experience of applying for other grants and scholarships. Well, a new deal in student funding is Ogrant. Think of facebook meets American idol but more focused. At the Ogrant website (www.Ogrant.ca) students can find up coming grants that can help them pay for tuition. The way Saroop put it "Essentially, Ogrant allows students to apply for money to help pay for their tuition using videos and pictures, and registered students (only students) help decide which applicants get awarded." The idea and hope is to bring greater control into the hands of students not committees and panels.

Also, Ogrant brings multi-media into the forefront of this process. Even something as simple as making a video explaining why the candidate needs the grant applied for can be one of the processes by which students apply. Another current process involves students creating a message "from" each of four nations that Canada is involved with on a image template. The big deal here is not just the media method, but that members of the Ogrant website vote on the submissions. The above example has "community support" weighted to 30% of the criteria per submission.

While Ogrants is helping you bring in cash for tuition, another program is looking to keep cash in your pockets. The Guelph Student Savings program is run in Guelph by Front Row Centre Productions. Essentially, the idea is that Guelph Student Savings has arraigned for various businesses around Guelph to provide student discounts. In exchange, Guelph Student Savings promotes these businesses to the Guelph student population. Remember, when you're buying something, flashing your student ID might save you cash. You can check out the participating businesses the GSS website at www.guelphstudentsavings.com

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  1. Posted by: Jay Simms on Aug 25, 2008 @ 5:04pm

    I think Guelph Student Savings.com should be advertised on your home home page. student don't pay anything for the site! I saw their site the other day and saw they had a link on their home page for thecannon.ca.

    just a thought..cheers

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