GSETA challenges U of G students to go vegetarian for an entire week

Monday, November 7, 2011

  • Members of GSETA handed out snacks and urged students to register for their challenge

    Members of GSETA handed out snacks and urged students to register for their challenge

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Have you ever wanted to try to embrace a vegetarian diet and lifestyle but didn’t have the motivation? Well, a campus club is giving you many reasons to go veg!

Guelph Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals has organized a campus-wide Veggie Challenge to motivate University of Guelph students to go veg for an entire week. Students interested in taking on this challenge registered in the University Centre last Thursday and Friday to take their chances at maintaining a vegetarian diet and winning some awesome prizes.

For students that are already committed to a vegetarian diet, GSETA challenges them to take it to another level and become vegan. For vegan students, they suggest that they increase their intake of organic and local food.

Registered students simply have to maintain a vegetarian diet from Monday November 7th until Monday November 14th to be qualified for one of the many prizes GSETA is giving away. This contest is based on an honour system and allows students to fill out a ballot indicating which meals they enjoyed vegetarian friendly foods. On Monday November 14th, students that registered for this challenge can submit their ballot for a chance to win one of four great prizes.

The first place prize is a $75 gift certificate to Cornerstone, a delicious vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant downtown. The second place prize is a basket from the Stone Store in Guelph, consisting of many wonderful items. The third and fourth prizes are vegan gift baskets.

For anyone that embarks upon this challenge, they will quickly recognize the vast health benefits of becoming a vegetarian/vegan. These diets encourage people to take charge of their nutrition and to actively speak out against the consumption of meat and animal by-products.

If you think you are up to the challenge, you can still register by Monday November 7th by emailing .

Interested in becoming part of GSETA? To become a member of this group, attend meetings and participate in workshops, please email . For more information, check out GSETA on Facebook.


Good luck to all students that are taking the veggie challenge!

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