Guelph Free School Gears Up For Another Term

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Written by Scott Gilbert

The Guelph Free School is set to host another round of classes. As the name implies, it is a school, that’s free. However it’s not a school in the sense that you will receive a diploma or a degree, but rather a set of classes on various issues of public interest. Classes are usually held either on campus or in the downtown core, and are taught by members of the community. Courses in the past have range from graphic design to radical sexuality. The group is open to just about anything, so long as it is educational in nature and does not contain oppressive elements.

This will be the second full year of courses offer by the Guelph Free School, and the group has just announced its autumn line up. Beginning the week of October 23, the courses will include:
1) Online Privacy & Anonymity
2) Radical Drumming
3) Patriarchy & Masculinity
*The third course is a discussion group limited to men and male-identified people.

In a recent press release, the organizers said: “All classes are free, all attempts are made to have them be held in accessible and safe locations, and the challenging of power dynamics common to institutionalized education is wholly encouraged.”

If you like the idea of teaching a course but not getting paid or having the students pay, then you might like this: “Anyone with interest is able to facilitate a course, and course proposals are welcome at any time throughout the year.”

To give an idea of where the group is coming from, they offer the following commentary: “It is hoped by all involved with the Guelph Free School that it can continue to be a project that fosters both open communication and radical critiques and perspectives, while enjoying participation by an ever-widening circle of community members.”

If you are interested in taking one of the courses offered, details can be found at the Free School's website

For further questions or inquiries about teaching a course, please contact the Guelph Free School via:

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