Guelph Receives Group Therapy

Monday, February 20, 2012

  • Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

    Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

  • Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

    Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

  • Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

    Photo Credit: Chanditha Priyanatha

Guelph received its own dose of group therapy on the 30th of January 2012 as Above & Beyond took Guelph by an eclectic haze and took the crowd at Guelph Concert Theatre on a tour around the globe, literally. Above & Beyond, a world famous, top ranked trance DJ trio from the United Kingdom hit Guelph on their North American leg of the Group Therapy to a full house at the Guelph Concert Theatre. The mood of the night was set by the two DJs that were behind the turntables before the headliners took to the stage.

House beats and a little bit of dub step got the crowd working and moving to the beat in no time. Despite being a Monday, the Theatre was filling up as the clocked ticked by. People poured in with their glow sticks, in their fancy glow in the dark t shirts and steeping into a whole new realm away from the hassles of the day. DJ Ampz and another resident DJ from Guelph spoke to the crowd through their music and the action spread like a disease. The whole floor became an arena for those who liked to let their hair down, wind and grind to the pumping beats.

When Above and Beyond took to the stage way past 11pm, euphoria was the state of mind that everybody tuned into with the dreamy piano melodies, pounding bass lines and ethereal vocals that were unleashed upon an awestruck crowd by  Paavo Siljamäki and Jono Grant of Above and Beyond. Tony McGuiness, however was nowhere to been seen at the venue that night. The transition of the night into a European club was smoothly executed by “Filmic” the dreamy opener for the night. Filmic along with a handful of other tracks off of “Group Therapy” took the crowd on a swift ride into a whole new level of euphoria and intense emotion. Trance was the name of the music and in trance was where the crowd was.

Stories were told, many of which happened to be “true” to a crowd in total glee , smiling from ear to ear, waiting eagerly for the visuals and the stories courtesy of the duo on stage. What Guelph learnt that night was that life is all about enjoying and taking pleasure in the “small things”. Stories were told, songs were sequenced one after the other, and vivid visuals were displayed to enhance the mood of the night. Add to that the usual stage theatrics, lights and smoke lasers that danced around like fireflies. The night couldn’t have been any better for a fan of good music and atmosphere. Above and Beyond took their bow before a crowd still nostalgic from the night’s journey into dreamland and took some time off to sign and take photos with the cheery crowd much to their delight.

Sukhpal Bhupal, a student at the University and an upcoming Trance music producer had this to say about the concert. “The concert was nothing short of just phenomenal. It had all the components that a trance ‘head’ would look for in a trance concert. As an amateur producer of electronic dance music (EDM), trance concerts like this one, gives us trance ‘heads’ something to look forward to because the reality is that not many trance events are held in Guelph, and on top of that with trance giants such as Above and Beyond, so the concert was definitely a fulfilling experience for myself and all of the fans that showed up”.

Chanditha Priyanatha is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer at thecannon.ca.

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