Guelph students get down and dirty

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Written by Scott Gilbert

The CSA club Guelph Students for Environmental Change (GSEC) held an event on October 11 to clean up the fence near the local No Frills on Gordon St. They were able to collect five bags of garbage and recyclable material from the one fence. They reported that half way through the clean up it started to hail and the wind picked up. Six Guelph students participated in the clean up, named Peter, Lisa, Caitlin, Denver, Dave, and Kira, all spending about two hours working on the clean-up. The team used special tools for picking up the garbage (seen the photo) that allows them to do it without actually touching the debris. They were purchased on Ebay with money the group received through a SLEF application. Peter, one of the main organizers behind the event, said: “Although we picked up five bags of garbage off the fence it was kind of reassuring to see that most of campus and Stone Road were really clean.”

GSEC is a student run organization campaigning for more progressive environmental policies at the University of Guelph and for a more environmentally friendly campus. They led the campaign to get styrofoam off campus a few years ago, and currently sell energy efficiant light bulbs out of the CSA office. They also advocate for issues relating to environmental sustainability, waste reduction and energy conservation. They are always open to new members. To learn more, please visit them online

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