Guelph Wellington Local Food hosts second annual taste-real Field Dinner this Sunday

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

  • taste-real Field Dinner to take place this Sunday at Strom's Farm

    taste-real Field Dinner to take place this Sunday at Strom's Farm

Written by Stephanie Rennie

This Sunday Guelph Wellington Local Food will host a dinner party like no other. Great food, great company, and live music will be in the mix, but there will also be an underlying theme of supporting and acknowledging the benefits of local food.

The taste-real Field Dinner will take place on Sunday September 11th at the Strom’s Farm just west of Guelph. The event will run for the duration of the afternoon from 1pm until 5pm. Not only will the dinner include courses of beautiful local food,but  a small auction, tractor rides and  live music by The Relics of Khufu will also contribute to the success of the dinner.

One of the interesting aspects of this event is the live performance painting by Laurie Wonfor Nolan. During the dinner, Nolan will paint a portrait to encapsulate the sheer beauty of the event that will later be sold.

In an interview with The Cannon, Guelph Wellington Local Food Initiative Coordinator Kate Vsetula discussed what one can expect when attending this year’s Field Dinner.

Kate describes this event as “a celebration of local” with “well-presented food” prepared by chefs from the area that will share stories of the very food that is served. The winery providing the spirited beverages for the afternoon will be on site to answer questions and discuss their delicious wines. Guelph Wellington Local Food has partnered with Katimavik to assist in organizing and executing the Field Dinner.

Last year’s event saw great success with one hundred and ten people attending the delicious dinner held “under sunny skies.” Vsetula discusses last year’s accomplishments as a result of investments within Guelph.

This year’s Field Dinner is already shaping up to surpass last year’s numbers. One hundred and forty tickets have already been sold for this Sunday’s event.

The nature of this intimate affair will certainly not end as guests leave Strom’s farm with a full belly late Sunday afternoon. Instead, the success of the Field Dinner will echo throughout the city of Guelph. The proceeds of all ticket sales will directly support local food initiatives within Guelph Wellington Local Food and The Guelph Food Round Table. Financial support given to these organizations will assist in funding the annual local food fest, community garden developments, and other local food initiatives.

One of the major features of Guelph Wellington Local Food is the new taste-real brand designed to ensure that food advertised as local, is in fact grown in the Guelph area. Kate describes this project as “a stamp to show that it is local.” The taste-real brand can be found on local foods across the city in restaurants, at the farmers’ market and through catering companies.

The brand allows for “a more prosperous local food economy,” Vsetula comments when asked what the advantages of taste-real are.

Farmers producing local food are positively impacted by taste-real as it creates a network that assists farmers and allows for conversations and networks to emerge between farmers of the area.

This innovative idea will not only help producers and sellers of local food, but will benefit the health and economy of the entire city of Guelph. Kate states that taste-real “helps people identify local and creates a community around local food.” The brand has also proven beneficial to tourists as those traveling to Guelph crave food that provides “an authentic taste of the region” that is experienced when eating local food.

Both the implementation of the taste-real brand and the taste-real Field Dinners have contributed to Guelph Wellington Local Food’s goal of encouraging residents to invest their money locally. Eating and purchasing food grown and sold in Guelph is advantageous on many levels. Not only does it stimulate the local economy, it is also beneficial to the environment and your health.

Tickets for the taste-real Field Dinner cost $110. Tax receipts are available if two or more tickets are purchased. To order tickets, please call 1-800-334-4519 or email .

To learn more about the upcoming Field Dinner, taste-real brand and Guelph Wellington Local Food, please visit http://www.guelphwellingtonlocalfood.ca/.


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