Habitat for Humanity is in need of volunteers to complete 439 York Rd. project

Monday, August 15, 2011

  • "We'd rather build it, than clean it"

    "We'd rather build it, than clean it"

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Are you interested in learning how to build a house while helping a family in dire need of a place to live?

Wellington Habitat for Humanity's 2011 Women Build is currently building house at 439 York Street in Guelph and needs assistance from the Guelph community.

Though this property seems to be a mere construction project at the moment, it is a hopeful future for a family in need of shelter. A single mom and her two children are eager to move into their new home constructed by the sweat and love of hard working volunteers.

Due to the decreasing number of volunteers available to help in the upcoming months, Habitat for Humanity is urging all womyn to come and get involved in this project.

Whether you want learn how to do dry wall, install flooring, trim windows and doors and paint on the building site or use such skills that you have mastered, or fundraise for the cause, volunteers are needed.

The Habitat for Humanity’s 2011 Women build is an initiative designed to empower womyn by teaching, or letting them utilize, contracting skills. Since such skills hold connotations with largely male-dominated trades, this allows womyn a chance to acquire such skills in a safe and accommodating setting.

The program is not designed to exclude men in any form, but is meant to empower womyn. Men will absolutely not be excluded from helping Habitat to reach their pressing deadlines on constructing this house for a family in need. In fact, both men and womyn play an active role in building, fundraising, and instructing volunteers.

The project on 439 York began in June 7th and the construction has continued in full force since the very beginning. If you are interested in participating in Women Build, please visit http://www.habitatwellington.on.ca/womenbuild.html for more information.

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